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The People’s Action Founding Convention, at the nation’s capital, will mark the first 100 days of resistance to the Trump administration and will unveil a new political force of people united around a bold vision of an economy and democracy that work for everyone – not just the rich and powerful, big corporations, and purveyors of hate. This vision is impossible without the voice of our community leading the way towards our collective liberation. For this reason, COPA is sending our members to contribute and therefore guide the work ahead of us. The movement is bigger than Colorado so its essential for our leaders to engage in conversation and strategy with people from all over the country.

Our members each have a story and a reason to go to this conference and to build power with COPA, read on to gain more insight on what attending this conference means to them.
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Sandra Madera
Sandra is an active member of COPA, engaging in our work around immigrant justice and attending citizenship classes.  Her goal is to stay in the movement even after she gains her own citizenship in order to continue to fight for the rights of all people– especially those vulnerable due to their status. Sandra brings her children to every event and meeting, exposing the next generation to what people power looks like!
Michaela Miller
Michaela is a new member, who got involved through our 100 Days of Action work. Since then, she has engaged in planning and executing direct actions to combat the attacks on our community at the hands of our new administration.
Dalila Lopez
Dalila is an active member, energized by our commitment to resist harmful policies affecting our communities. Her passion and commitment continues to grow as she takes on roles of leading actions targeting corporate donors and bad politicians. She brings creativity and new ideas to every space she engages in.
Alfred LaVaughn Turner
LaVaughn is a new member of COPA, hearing about us from other members and turning that intrigue into engagement with the organization.
Martha Lugo
Martha is a proud member of COPA because of the amazing progressive work that we are doing together.  Her heart aches for the oppressed and marginalized, which often causes her to feel powerless.  She knows that she can’t possibly do everything that needs to be done to help those who are affected the most and she know that COPA is reaching a lot of people in the Denver Metro.  Martha will be attending the People’s Action conference in Washington, D.C. because she wants to learn as much as she can about organizing and from others who attend.  It is also very encouraging and uplifting to see that we are not alone on this journey!  It is nourishing to her soul that this nation is full of amazing progressives who are fighting for justice alongside us!
Fernando Lugo
Fernando aligns with COPA because he envisions a worldwide system that truly gives equality for all marginalized groups. He believes in a world where everyone will work together cohesively as a community and  feels that COPA is a great movement to achieve the aims of true justice, empathy and comradeship. Fernando envisions a solidarity movement that dismantles the oppressive and exploitative systems in place by the ruling class.  Most importantly, he wants to attend the conference in Washington, D. C. to learn more about how to develop and build on organizational structures to educate others.
Consuelo Gomez
Consuelo joined COPA through her involvement as a student in our citizenship classes!
Elizabeth Wagner
Elizabeth is a long time member, engaging in our work by attending meetings and spreading the word about COPA’s mission and campaigns on her college campus.
Regan Byrd
Regan is a board member of COPA. She’s passionate about pursuing social justice and helps spread the word about our inter-sectional approach to campaigns.

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