We Fight to WIN! #DREAMActNow

Our members are committed to pushing Congress to pass a clean #DREAM Act now because undocumented families can’t wait another day! COPA leaders have taken action since the end of October to push for a clean DREAM Act before the end of the year.

We continue to urge our members of Congress to demand Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority leader allow the bill to come to the floor for a vote and to commit to withholding their vote for the must-pass spending bill that keeps the government open unless a clean DREAM Act has passed.

Through our communities’ continued pressure we have succeeded in pressuring Congressman Coffman to sign the DREAM Act discharge petition, be a leader in pushing his party to pass the DREAM Act before the end of the year and standing up to Speaker Paul Ryan, in getting Congresswoman DeGette to commit to withholding her vote for the budget and using her leadership as minority whip to urge her colleagues to do the same, in getting Congressman Polis’ commitment to withhold his vote, and continuing to make the DREAM Act a priority for Colorado members of Congress. We will continue to fight until we pass a clean DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform!

October 31st – We Want a DREAM, Not a Nightmare!

Our youngest members Karol and Humberto trick or treated at Congressman Coffman’s office and delivered notes asking him to push his colleagues to pass the DREAM Act before the end of the year. One of our COPA families also delivered notes and letters to Congresswoman DeGette urging her to use her leadership as minority whip to ask her colleagues to withhold their vote on the budget until a DREAM Act is passed.

November 14th – Calls for a DREAM Phone Bank

Almost 20 of our members made over 80 calls to their members of congress continuing to push them to pass the DREAM Act before the end of the year, to withhold their votes on the budget, and to be leaders in passing a clean DREAM Act.

November 21st – DREAMers Give Back Thanksgiving Action

Our members Amado and Monserrat joined our allies at 9to5, SEIU Local 105, and Indivisible CD6 to deliver a gift basked to Congressman Coffman thanking him for his support but urging him to stand up to Speaker Paul Ryan to push for a vote on the DREAM Act before the end of the year. The basket included notes and pictures of expired work permits, Driver’s Licenses and job applications to drive the point home that while our dreams don’t expire, our permits do. Watch the whole action here.

December 1st – The Clock if Ticking for a Clean DREAM Act

COPA leaders sent 50 letters, notes, drawings, and notes, to Congressman Coffman and Congresswoman DeGette, and gathered hundreds of signatures on a DREAM Act petition. Other leaders made calls, sent emails, faxes and tweets. At the end of the day, a week before the supposed budget deadline, we hand delivered the petition, drawings and letters to remind Congressman Coffman that the clock is ticking on the DREAM act. Watch the action here.

December 6th – Rally and Mass Demonstration at Washington DC

One of our DACAmented organizers and one of our members traveled to Washington DC for visits with members of congress and a mass demonstration for a clean DREAM Act. They witnessed a historic moment in the immigrant justice history as nearly two hundred Dreamers, faith leaders, teachers, and other allies participated in a mass civil disobedience and risked arrest on the steps of the capitol.

December 8th – DREAM Act Speak Out at the Auraria Campus


We spoke to students and staff at the Auraria campus about what’s happening with the DREAM Act and helped them send a message to their members of congress. Watch the videos here.

December 14th – Congress: Time’s Up #DREAMActNow


Undocumented youth lead a press conference and rally at the Auraria campus to ask if Senator Bennet and Congressman Perlmutter are all in for the DREAM Act and hold them accountable for failing to withhold their vote for the budget unless a DREAM Act has passed. COPA leader Monserrat powerfully shared her story to demand a clean DREAM Act and our members showed up and showed out in full force. Watch the video here.


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