Lizeth Chacon, Executive Director


Lizeth Chacon, an immigrant from Chihuahua, Mexico, came to the United States at the age of 12. During her first years of school, Lizeth noticed the injustices and difficulties many immigrants face; from that moment she began volunteering at her school and got involved in the movement for social justice. Lizeth was the first one of her family to graduate from college; in the fall of 2010 she graduated from the University of Colorado with two Bachelor’s Degrees, one in Political Science and a second in Criminal Justice.

She got involved in the immigrant rights movement in 2006. In 2013, Lizeth was awarded a Mayoral Proclamation as “A Woman in Leadership” by the Mayor of Aurora, and in 2014 she became a founding board member of the Aurora Welcome Center, now called Village Exchange Center. In the fall of 2014, she became the Executive Director of Rights for All People and in 2015 she led the union of Rights for All People and Colorado Progressive Coalition to create and become the Founding Executive Director of Colorado People’s Alliance (COPA). Lizeth is also the Founding Executive Director of Colorado People’s Action (CPA). In 2016, Lizeth co-chaired the statewide ballot measure that successfully increased Colorado’s minimum wage to $12 an hour by 2020, and co-created the Statewide Immigration Resistance Table. She co-founded the Transformative Leadership for Change Fellowship and currently serves on their Governing Circle. Lizeth currently serves as the Board President of People’s Action.

Lizeth continues to lead collaborative efforts on climate, economic, immigrant and racial justice issues.

Hobbies:I have some amazing dogs – Kovu, Max and Tiny – they keep me busy and I love spending time with them. Like any good soccer fan, from March to October I spend time at the Colorado Rapids games.

Rochelle Galindo, Operations Director


Rochelle Galindo was born and raised in Greeley, Colorado and is the daughter of working class parents. Rochelle’s passion for engaging in Colorado politics began when she joined the Greeley Youth Commission while attending Greeley Central High School. 

She found her first opportunity to work in the political field when she became a Field Organizer in Weld County for President Obama’s re-election campaign in the summer of 2012. Since then she has been involved on top targeted local and national campaigns. In November 2015 she was elected as the first openly gay elected official to the Greeley City Council. In 2018 she was elected as the State Representative for House District 50 becoming the first person of color and the first openly gay person elected to a statewide office from Weld County. She is now building power with COPA to ensure Colorado has leadership that reflects the communities they represent.

Hallen Phung, Fundraising Director


Hallen Phung, was raised in small town Iowa and quickly noticed her Vietnamese immigrant family was vastly different from most families around her. Growing up with immense pressure to assimilate and not make too much noise, unlearning and challenging dominant narrative has become a defining part of her personal journey before and especially now in COPA. With an early passion for volunteering at hospitals and animal shelters in high school, Hallen sought out to dedicate her life to helping her community. Upon graduating from Simpson College with B.As in both Psychology and Sociology, she had years of experience in non-profit as a trained advocate, fundraiser, and leader. During her time in direct service, she recognized the vital power of money in relation to achieving missions and true change, and she started to shift her focus to grant writing and fundraising. Today, she is dedicated to the communities of Colorado. She is passionate about connecting community members, local businesses, and new individuals who, like her, wish to make Colorado their home and want to know how their own values can be reflected in COPA’s mission.

Hobbies:When I am not spending time with my elderly cat, Malachi, I love to try fun new foods, and like most folks who move here, I love the mountains.”

Jessica Martinez Vasquez, Communications Director


Jessica Martinez Vasquez was born in Zacatecas, Mexico. Much of her childhood and young adult life was spent in the vibrant Park Hill neighborhood in Denver, Colorado where she learned some of her most valuable lessons. As a DACA recipient and having lived most of her life without it, as an undocumented immigrant, Jessica understands the power in telling her own story. She is unapologetic, unafraid and committed to the pursuit of social justice for marginalized communities. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder in Political Science. She has since spent time in Washington, D.C working to build power in our Latinx communities around the country through various non-profit organizations. Most recently she served as Senator Julie Gonzales’ Legislative Aide in the Colorado State Senate. She hopes to continue to empower community to re-write the dominant narrative and center their own lived experiences in her new role with COPA. 

Hobbies:I love finding new places to eat and trying new foods! I feel like I find a new favorite hobby every few weeks and lately it has been photography!


Kevin Patterson, Organizing Director


Kevin Patterson was born and raised in Colorado. Early on in their life, they were engaged in local politics. After Kevin completed their high school education at the Denver School of the Arts, they went on to receive two Bachelor’s degrees in Ethnic Studies and Political Science at the University of Colorado Boulder.

As a student Kevin was a part of various student groups and coalitions such as United Mexican American Students y Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlán de CU Boulder, Queer and Trans* People of Color, Black Student Alliance, Student Outreach Center for Equity, and forming the Pulse (Student Government). Their involvement in these efforts led to a deep commitment to the pursuit of social justice for marginalized communities. After graduating they interned with The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations Union Summer working with K-12 teacher to fight for healthcare in their school districts. After their internship, Kevin continued to work with the American Federation of Teachers at the Temple University, Cayuga Community College, and Community College of Allegheny County unionizing campaigns.
After their stint on the east coast, Kevin has returned to Colorado to build
power in their own hometown!

Hobbies: “I enjoy spending time with my loved ones including my dogs Burnham & Bowie, lifting weights, yoga, long-boarding, music & art shows, and getting outdoors.

Fatima Estrada-Rascon, Community Organizer

Leading: Economic Justice Work


Fatima Estrada-Rascon is an organizer with the Economic Justice team at Colorado Peoples Alliance. She is a first generation Chicana born and raised in Denver, CO. Since an early age she has worked to impact change for her community through popular education and organizing against oppressive institutions of power. She owes her community and political education to local immigration organizations and the Coalition of Immokalee workers in Florida. Fatima has also worked at DPS as an elementary school teacher for 3 years and was greatly impacted by the strength and vision of the children in her community and their families. Now as a mother, she is as committed as ever to fight for a world that encompasses the vision of liberation and joy for all communities. 

Hobbies:I love learning how to cook new things, but this is mostly to satiate my love for eating everything. Dancing is my favorite way to feel free and now I get to practice with my little one.

Sabrina Adame, Community Organizer

Leading: Economic Justice Work


Sabrina Adame was born and raised in Denver, Colorado and is the daughter of an immigrant woman. Growing up as a first generation Latina, she saw the different types of injustices women of color experienced in their communities, particularly the difficulties her mother experienced raising 5 children on her own. Through experiencing poverty, racism and sexism first hand, Sabrina understood she needed to be part of the change. She began to get involved in actions around social justice issues in college where she decided to pursue her BA in Women’s Studies & Sociology. Since graduating from MSU Denver, she has been working to build power in Latinx communities through various nonprofit organizations. Through COPA, her focus will be on fighting for economic justice. She is committed to continue fighting against machismo, racism and economic inequality in her community. 

Hobbies:I love reading, learning how to cook new things, spending time with friends and family, working out, watching scary movies, and discovering new music.” 



Erika Cervantes, Community Organizer

Leading: Climate Justice Work


Erika was born in Michoacan, Mexico but raised in a small central California agricultural community. Growing up as a first-generation scholar gave Erika the perspective and motivation needed to challenge dominant narratives.  Erika began getting involved with social justice issues through her studies of  Sociology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She took part of movements in her college community that encircled topics of social and climate justice like protesting for immigration reform and against fracking. She graduated with a minor in Global Studies emphasizing Women, Culture and Development because she recognized the influence of the facets of one’s identity in determining one’s successful socialization. She moved to Denver after graduating college to provide a year of service to an education nonprofit that focuses on reducing drop out rates in low resourced communities.Erika continues to work towards a sustainable future where everyone has equal access to the resources they need through her work as the Climate Justice Organizer for the Colorado People’s Alliance.

Hobbies: “I love anything that has to do with food and being outside! From cooking for my friends and family to taking a hiking or camping trip.”


Gabriel Saldana, Community Organizer

Leading: Climate Justice Work


Gabriel was born in Des Moines, IA and raised in the country surrounded by farms. His parents were immigrants from Ciudad de Juarez and his father was deported when he was just 9 years old. Growing up in rural Iowa, he saw the impacts of poverty, racism, and the effects of climate change and pollution. This made him even more interested in the world of politics, activism, and organizing.Growing to love the outdoors he noticed that not all land was equal when it came to preserving its natural state and saw rivers, creeks and ponds polluted by runoff of chemicals like pesticides and other dumping. After Graduating high school, Gabriel went to Grand View University in Des Moines for Political Science to learn more about what he could do to change the world. He became a member of organizations like DSA and Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement to fight for the issues that were most important like advocating for a Green New Deal and Medicare for all, and to Abolish Ice and stop deportations. During the 2020 Primary He got his first step organizing professionally when he was an organizer for Bernie Sanders in the tough road leading to the Iowa Caucuses. Now he is determined to continue working with communities to build power and help average people fight back to have their voices heard.

Hobbies:I love playing music, I play the guitar and sing and whenever I can I will make it to open mics, and all kinds of live concerts. I really miss playing in my band so I am actively searching to form one here in Denver.”

Raul Medina, Community Organizer

Leading: Immigrant Justice Work


Raul Medina was born in Chihuahua, Chihuahua Mexico. Raul, was brought to the United States at the age of five, and has since lived in Colorado. Being undocumented himself has given him awareness to the underlining issues that undocumented people face in his community every single day, for simply choosing a better quality of life. Discrimination in the workplace, the day-to-day struggle to survive without adequate healthcare, and non-livable wages are just some examples. He believes these injustices are immoral to our rights and the US constitution. After spending 11 months inside the GEO Aurora detention facility, fighting his own immigration case, Raul decided that enough was enough. Upon his release, alongside other community members and local organizations, Raul started raising awareness around the cruel and inhumane living conditions that privatized federal facilities are allowed to host without any repercussions. He believes that all humans should be able to thrive no matter their status, sexual orientation, race or background. As an organizer he hopes that alongside other community members he can make a positive impact in his community, by achieving the shut down of all privatized federal facilities, and in the process get one step closer to equal human rights for all. 

Hobbies:I enjoy mountain biking, long boarding, hiking, and really anything to do with the outdoors. I also love food, whether it’s cooking a new recipe or eating somebody else’s attempt at a new recipe. But one of my favorite things to do in my spare time is spend quality time with my family.

Angelica Prisciliano, Community Organizer

Leading: Immigrant Justice Work


Angelica Prisciliano was born in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua (Mexico) and moved to Colorado with her mother at the age of 12. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in political science and public administration from Metropolitan State University of Denver. As an undocumented mujer, Angelica has dedicated her undergraduate career fighting to expand higher education access and resources for undocumented students and their families in Colorado. She believes that every human being regardless of status, skin color, gender, or ability deserves to have equal access to health care, education, and a healthy and safe environment. She has experienced a number of challenges due to her status and bears witness to the many injustices that our immigrant community endures everyday. For that purpose, Angelica is dedicated to advancing transformative public policy and social change through organizing alongside other community members.

Hobbies: “I enjoy restorative yoga practice as a form of self-care , hiking, paddle-boarding, and being outdoors. I like reading and drinking cafesito with my family and friends.

Citizenship Class

LeeAnn Gott, Program Coordinator

Leading: Citizenship Education


LeeAnn Gott grew up in southern New Mexico. At an early age, she got involved in politics and social justice issues, and in high school, spent an entire summer walking door to door, registering voters to vote.  In 1982, Leeann moved to Aurora, CO where she got her teaching certificate and began teaching first grade at Kenton Elementary.  After receiving her Master’s degree in ESL, she began teaching English to immigrant students and their parents, and joined the fight for immigrant justice.  LeeAnn was a founding member of Coloradans for Immigrant Rights, and of the Aurora Education Association’s English Language Acquisition (ELA) Caucus, a group of teachers working to improve the education of immigrant students. Working with parents who wanted a stronger voice in the educational system, LeeAnn helped organize a district-wide ELA parent advisory group, and joined our legacy organization, Rights for All People in 2003. LeeAnn began teaching bilingual Citizenship Classes as members of Rights for All People asked for them. COPA’s program continues to help people become U.S. citizens and to be more deeply engaged in the community and the political process. “I was born with the rights and privileges of a white, middle class U.S. citizen. Therefore, I believe I have the responsibility to work to ensure that everyone has those rights. My involvement with Colorado People’s Alliance has provided me a way to work effectively towards the goal of equal rights and opportunities for all people.”


Hobbies: “I love playing piano in a jazz trio, and backyard farming – growing food, flowers, and raising chickens.”

Luis Xoy, Citizenship Educator


Luis E. Xoy is originally from Guatemala and has been living in the United States for over 20 years. Luis found Colorado People’s Alliance (COPA) through the Citizenship Classes and has been helping with the classes as a member for over four years. “They have given me the opportunity to work within the organization as a US Citizenship teacher and to me that is very important, as a part of the community.”

Hobbies: “I like to swim and love music so much that I am also a professional DJ.”