Advisory Board


Martha Lugo is a seasoned professional of over 27 years in the behavioral sciences.  Her experience stems from her work as a senior probation officer and as a Martha. COPA. Colorado People's Alliancepsychotherapist.  She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Organizational Development and Leadership, specializing in organizational diversity.  Martha is originally from El Paso, TX, and is extremely proud of her Mexican and Puerto Rican heritage. Throughout her career, she has passionately strived to be the voice for the oppressed and the marginalized.  Martha is an avid volunteer in her community as she is a servant at heart.  She is currently a commissioner on the Human Relations Commission and on the Immigrant and Refugee Commission for the City of Aurora.

Dalila Lopez is an active member, energized by our commitment to resist harmful Dalila. COPA. Colorado People's Alliancepolicies affecting our communities. Her passion and and commitment continues to grow as she takes on roles of leading action against bad politicians. She brings creativity and new ideas to every space she engages in.

Bios coming soon for our other Advisory Board member: Amado Acosta!