Mission and History

Colorado People’s Alliance was founded the fall of 2015 to honor the legacy and shared histories of Rights for all People (RAP) and Colorado Progressive Coalition (CPC).  Rights for All People was founded in 1995 by a group of attorneys and activists in response to the growing immigrant population as well as the growing anti-immigrant sentiment in the state of Colorado. Colorado Progressive Coalition was founded in 1996 to fight, build, and win progressive change for Colorado voices that refuse to be marginalized. Over the years, both CPC and RAP achieved victories in the areas of immigrant rights, health care access, transportation access, payday-lending reform, minimum wage, police accountability and more.  The new organization is committed to community-led organizing that focuses on passing progressive policies for economic, immigrant, climate and racial justice by developing strong leaders, and creating a strong black-and-brown alliance. 

Mission: Colorado People’s Alliance (COPA) is a racial justice, member-driven organization dedicated to advancing and winning progressive social change locally, statewide and nationally. COPA builds power to improve the lives of all Coloradans through leadership development, organizing and alliance building.