If you are struggling during the COVID-19 crisis, CLICK HERE to find statewide resources that can help you and your family.

Emergency Economic Relief Actions for Colorado from Impacts of COVID-19:

As Colorado and the nation face one of the largest public health crises of our time, lawmakers, business owners, workers, and first responders have stepped up to meet the needs of Colorado families. As we brace for the impacts of COVID-19, communities will soon feel the one-two punch of the costs of a large-scale public health emergency response effort and deep economic shutdown. First responders are facing impossible challenges and choices, countless small businesses will be forced to close their doors, and without paid family leave, job security, and affordable health care and housing, countless families are heading toward catastrophe. By working together and enacting commonsense policies now, we can flatten the curve and keep the economy working. Workers, first responders, and small businesses need the state to take bold, immediate action now. Read the Executive Summary of our Emergency Economic Relief Actions for Colorado from Impacts of COVID-19 here. To read the list of demands in full click on the images below.

Prevent Public Health Crisis in Immigration Detention: