PRESS RELEASE: Senate Passage Sends Local Wage Option to the Governor’s Desk


May 3, 2019

Contact:      Jenny Davies: 720-296-9545,

Lizeth Chacon: (720) 938-6588,


Senate Passage Sends Local Wage Option to the Governor’s Desk

Will put power back into the hands of local officials who know their communities best


DENVER – Today local officials, business owners and workers celebrated the passage of the Local Wage Option bill (HB 1210) and that the final bill is on its way to the Governor’s desk for signature. The bill would restore local control for city and county officials in adjusting their own minimum wage.


The following statements may be attributed each advocate as noted:


Lizeth Chacon, Executive Director of Colorado People’s Alliance

“Hardworking Coloradans should be able to live and thrive in the communities where they work. Voters across the political spectrum support local control and this bill will allow cities and counties to decide a local minimum wage that makes sense for them. Working families are grateful it has passed in the Colorado legislature and are looking forward to the Governor signing the bill.”


Deven Shaff, Broomfield City Council Ward 3

“Over the years Broomfield has seen the cost of living raise while the wages, especially minimum wage, has not increased at the same pace. Local elected officials want to ensure that our residents and economy can prosper and this local wage option bill will offer Broomfield another tool to ensure our economy works for the entire community. As local elected officials continue to work with local employers, employees and community members on this issue, we can determine a minimum wage that will let our residents cover housing, food and other costs in Broomfield. A local minimum wage option enables us to further this conversation.”


Paolo Solorzano, Worker

“Everyone knows that the cost of rent has gone up much faster than wages have risen, especially in Aurora, where I live. I’m having a really hard time making my paycheck stretch far enough to afford rent and all of my basic bills like groceries and utilities. As someone who works hard every day as a server, I’m hopeful the Aurora city government will take up what the most appropriate minimum wage should be given how expensive it is to live here.”


Whitney Painter, owner of Buglet Solar Electric and Good Business Colorado member

“Our small local business pays competitive wages so that our workers can afford basic expenses and also have some money in their pockets to spend in our local economy. A stable workforce and consumer dollars support small businesses like ours,and help our community to proper. Local elected officials are best positioned to set a minimum wage that will ensure residents not just survive but thrive.”


The Colorado People’s Alliance is a racial-justice member-led organization that works for climate, economic and immigrant justice to improve the lives of all Coloradans.



PRESS ADVISORY: Colorado Congressional Delegation: Vote Your Values on the Budget

*Continúa en Espanol*


Contact: Ana Rodriguez,, 720-255-3921


Colorado Congressional Delegation: Vote Your Values on the Budget

No more money for family separation, detentions, and human rights abuses


Denver, CO- Colorado People’s Alliance issued the following response as more details emerge about the Congressional deal to fund DHS and Trump’s border wall:


The Trump administration is successfully holding the nation hostage once again for his border wall and his mass deportation force. We urge the Colorado Congressional delegation to reject this manufactured crisis that tries to pit federal workers against immigrants. We urge the Colorado Congressional delegation to reject a budget that gives over a billion dollars for fencing, and increases funding for ICE to detain thousands more every single day.

“This is money that will be used to push the anti-immigrant agenda even further. This is money that will separate families,” COPA member Eduardo Gomez says. “As a DACA recipient, and as an undocumented immigrant, it is important to me that those who are seeking asylum are treated with respect and dignity and that ICE is not able to expand its deportation force to detain and deport more people like me or my family.”

This administration has proven that they will stop at nothing to steal money from other agencies to fund a border wall and to increase detentions and deportations. ICE and CBP have also proven that they will do nothing to stop the human rights abuses happening in detention prisons and along the border. If our Colorado Congressional delegation stands with immigrants and rejects human rights abuses, we urge them to vote against a budget that will fund more family separation through detentions and deportations, and human rights abuses.


Colorado People’s Alliance (COPA) is a racial justice, member-driven organization dedicated to advancing and winning progressive social change locally, statewide and nationally. COPA builds power to improve the lives of all Coloradans through leadership development, organizing and alliance building.


Contacto: Ana Rodriguez,, 720-255-3921

Delegación del Congreso de Colorado: Vote Sus Valores en el Presupuesto

No más dinero para la separación familiar, las detenciones y los abusos contra los derechos humanos

Denver, CO- La Alianza del Pueblo (COPA, por sus siglas en inglés) emitió la siguiente respuesta mientras surgen más detalles sobre el acuerdo del Congreso para financiar la agencia Departamento de Seguridad Nacional (DHS, por sus siglas en inglés) y el muro fronterizo de Trump:


La administración de Trump una vez más está reteniendo a la nación como rehén por su muro fronterizo y su fuerza de deportación masiva. Instamos a la delegación del Congreso de Colorado a rechazar esta crisis manufacturada que intenta poner a los trabajadores federales contra los inmigrantes. Instamos a la delegación del Congreso de Colorado a rechazar un presupuesto que otorgue más de mil millones de dólares para la una barrera physica, y ​​aumente los fondos para que ICE detenga a miles más cada día.

“Este es dinero que se utilizará para seguir implementando una agenda anti-inmigrante. Este es dinero que separará a las familias, ” dice miembro de COPA, Eduardo Gómez. “Como beneficiario de DACA y como inmigrante indocumentado, es importante para mí que los que solicitan asilo sean tratados con respeto y dignidad y que ICE no pueda ampliar su fuerza de deportación para detener y deportar a más personas como yo o como mi familia.”

Esta administración ha demostrado que no se detendrán ante nada para robar dinero de otras agencias para financiar un muro fronterizo y aumentar las detenciones y deportaciones. ICE y CBP también han demostrado que no harán nada para detener los abusos contra los derechos humanos que ocurren en las cárceles de detención y en la frontera. Si nuestra delegación del Congreso de Colorado apoya a los inmigrantes y rechaza los abusos contra los derechos humanos, les instamos a que voten en contra de un presupuesto que financie la separación de más familias a través de detenciones y deportaciones tanto como abusos contra los derechos humanos.


Colorado People’s Alliance (COPA) is a racial justice, member-driven organization dedicated to advancing and winning progressive social change locally, statewide and nationally. COPA builds power to improve the lives of all Coloradans through leadership development, organizing and alliance building.


Join Us: The People’s Wave

People’s Action Convention 2019

April 28-30


Background Info: The People’s Wave, People’s Action’s 2019 National Convention, will bring together hundreds of members and staff from People’s Action member groups across the country to spend 3 days together in Washington, DC from April 28th-30th. We will have plenaries with inspiring elected officials and movement leaders, campaign workshops to broaden our knowledge and strategy about issues, skills workshops to arm people with the tools needed to build more power at home, opportunities for self-organizing caucuses, strategic direct actions to elevate our narrative and move our agenda, and a powerful lobby day wherein we bring our voices to Capitol Hill. We’ll be launching our 2020 platform and positioning ourselves publicly in front of DC power players as a way to advance our long term agenda. You won’t want to miss it!


What Participants Can Expect from COPA and People’s Action (PA):

  • A powerful space to build relationships with leaders throughout the United States
  • An environment to begin to building a shared long-term vision and bold people’s platform that point the way to transformative change
  • The opportunity to take action and go on the offense to stop the attacks on people of color, immigrants, women, poor and working class people, Muslims and LGBTQ people
  • Time to gather with friends and allies to celebrate what we have won and the movement we are building together
  • Workshops to make plans to move PA’s bold people’s agenda back home
  • Logistically: COPA will arrange hotel and flights for the convention as well as provide food as meals are not included in the convention


Expectations of Participants from COPA:

    • Confirm your participation by Wednesday, March 6, 5pm
    • Attend pre-departure meetings: TBA
    • Fundraise to support your travel, food, and hotel costs ($560/person is the cost)


  • COPA staff and fundraising committee will help participants create fundraising plans


  • Participate and attend Convention events to the fullest extent you able
  • COPA leaders are expected to act in a manner in line with our values and organization


Interested? Questions? Contact Erika at 720-732-8558 or

La Convención de la Acción del Pueblo 2019

28-30 de abril


Información de antecedentes: El Movimiento del Pueblo, la Convención Nacional de la Acción del Pueblo 2019, reunirá a cientos de miembros y personal de los grupos de miembros de Acción del Pueblo de todo el país para pasar 3 días juntos en Washington, DC, del 28 al 30 de abril. Tendremos sesiones plenarias con funcionarios electos y líderes inspiradores de movimientos, talleres de campaña para ampliar nuestro conocimiento y estrategia sobre temas, talleres de habilidades para armar a las personas con las herramientas necesarias para desarrollar más poder, oportunidades para grupos de autoorganización, acciones directas estratégicas para elevar nuestra narrativa y mueva nuestra agenda, y un poderoso día de abogacía y cabildeo en el que traemos nuestras voces al Capitolio. Estaremos lanzando nuestra plataforma para 2020 y posicionándonos públicamente frente a los jugadores con poder de DC como una forma de avanzar nuestra agenda a largo plazo. ¡No querrá perdérselo!


Lo que los participantes pueden esperar de COPA y de la Acción del Pueblo (PA):

  • Un espacio poderoso para construir relaciones con líderes en todo Estados Unidos.
  • Un espacio para comenzar a construir una visión compartida a largo plazo y una plataforma audaz para las personas que señala el camino hacia un cambio transformador
  • La oportunidad de actuar y tomar la ofensiva para detener los ataques contra personas de color, inmigrantes, mujeres, personas pobres y de clase trabajadora, musulmanes y personas LGBTQ.
  • Es hora de reunirse con amigos y aliados para celebrar lo que hemos ganado y el movimiento que estamos construyendo juntos
  • Talleres para hacer planes para trasladar la agenda audaz de la gente de PA a casa
  • Logísticamente: COPA organizará el hotel y los vuelos para la convención, así como también proporcionará comida, ya que las comidas no están incluidas en la convención.


Expectativas de los participantes de COPA:

  • Confirma su participación antes del miércoles 6 de marzo a las 5pm.
  • Asistir a las reuniones previas a la salida: sera determinada
  • Recaudar fondos para apoyar sus gastos de viaje, comida y hotel ($560 por persona es el costo)
    • El personal de COPA y el comité de recaudación de fondos ayudarán a los participantes a crear planes de recaudación de fondos
  • Participa y asiste a los eventos de la Convención en la mayor medida que puedas
  • Se espera que los líderes de COPA actúen de acuerdo con nuestros valores y organización

¿Interesado? ¿Preguntas? Contacta a Erika a 720-732-8558 o

Colorado Gives Day! // ¡El día de Donaciones en Colorado!

Colorado Gives Day is fast approaching on Tuesday, December 4th and you can schedule your donation TODAY! We need your support to start 2019 strong and continue our work for climate, economic, immigrant and racial justice.

CO Gives Postcard 2018

We are so grateful for your support! This year has been hard. It has been filled with continued attacks against our communities but we have remained strong, have fought back and have won a lot– all thanks to your support! Help us end the year strong and continue our work for racial justice through our climate, economic, and immigrant justice campaigns!


Your investment in our work will support us as we:

  • Fight for an economy that works for all, not just greedy corporations. We are working to increase the minimum wage and for a tax system that benefits all.
  • Work with community in Montbello & Commerce City to ensure everyone has access to clean drinking water
  • Continue to lead the plan to move Colorado to a 100% renewable energy economy while prioritizing workers and communities of color
  • Defend our immigrant communities and families, and work to ensure Colorado is a truly welcoming state for all regardless of status or race
  • Invest in leadership development trainings to ensure our members and those impacted by the issues lead the work for change


Your contribution will help us build power to create the changes that will ensure a better life for everyday Coloradans – you can schedule your donation today through Colorado Gives.

Invest in our work, and our future today by going here.


All donations made to COPA on CO Gives Day will be increased by the incentive fund and are free from all processing fees!


Thank you! Your contribution is critical to the success of our work — I look forward to fighting, winning, and resisting together in 2019!


In Solidarity,

Lizeth and the COPA Team


¡El día de donaciones en Colorado ya casi está aquí, este año es el martes 4 de diciembre y puede programar su su donación HOY! Necesitamos su apoyo para iniciar bien el 2019 y seguir en con nuestro trabajo por la justicia climática, económica, inmigrante y racial.

CO Gives Postcard 2018


¡Estamos muy agradecidos por su apoyo! Este año ha sido difícil. Ha estado lleno de ataques en contra de nuestras comunidades pero nos hemos mantenido fuertes, hemos luchado y hemos ganado mucho–¡gracias a su apoyo! ¡Ayúdenos a terminar el año bien y seguir nuestro trabajo por la justicia racial por medio de nuestras campanas por la justicia climática, económica y de inmigrante!


Su inversión en nuestro trabajo nos apoyará para:

  • Luchar por una economía que funciona para todos, no solo las corporaciones codiciosas. Estamos trabajando para aumentar el salario mínimo y por un sistema de impuestos que beneficie a todos
  • Trabajar con la comunidad en Montbello y Commerce City para asegurarnos que todos tengan acceso al agua potable limpia
  • Seguir liderando el plan para mover Colorado hacia una economia de energia 100% renovable renovable mientras priorizamos a los trabajadores y las comunidades de color
  • Defender a nuestras comunidades y familias inmigrantes, y trabajar para asegurarnos que Colorado sea un estado que le da la bienvenido a todos sin importar su estatus o raza
  • Invertir en los entrenamientos de desarrollo de liderazgo para asegurarnos que nuestros miembros y las persona impactados por los asuntos liderando el trabajo por el cambio


Su contribución nos ayudará construir poder para crear los cambios que asegure una vida mejor para Coloradenses todos los días– puede programar su donación hoy por Colorado Gives.

Invierta en nuestro trabajo y nuestro futuro hoy por hacer clic aquí.


¡Todas las donaciones a COPA en el dia de donaciones en Colorado estarán aumentadas por el fondo de incentivos y sin tarifas de procesamientos!


¡Gracias! Su contribución es crítica al éxito de nuestro trabajo–¡espero seguir en la lucha, ganar y resistir con usted en el 2019!


En Solidaridad,

Lizeth y el equipo de COPA

Carga Publica / Public Charge

The Trump administration wants to make it so only the wealthiest can make the US their home. They want to force immigrants to choose between their health, housing, and food assistance and keeping their families together. We have until December 10th to submit public comment against these changes.

What is Public Charge?

Public Charge is an existing rule used by immigration officials when determining Legal Permanent Residency applications (the green card) based on family petitions or employment, or Visa applications when seeking to enter the country. “Public Charge” refers to a person who is considered likely to become primarily dependent on the government for subsistence. The Public Charge rule does NOT apply to Refugees, Asylees, Survivors of Domestic Violence (VAWA), Crime Victims (Visa U, SIJS). It does NOT apply when lawful permanent residents (green card holders) apply for U.S. citizenship.

Current Public Charge Rule

Immigration officials take into consideration an applicant’s Age, Health, Family status, Financial status, Education and skills, Affidavit of support and whether the applicant has received Cash assistance for income maintenance (i.e. SSI, general assistance) or have they been institutionalized for long-term care.

What change does the Trump administration want to implement?

The Trump administration wants to change the current public charge rule to harm immigrants through an agency rule change process. This process requires the government to accept and review public comment for 60 days before proceeding with the rule change.

The proposed new Public Charge rule would:

  • Define “public charge” as an immigrant who receives one or more public benefits.
  • Implement a new question to determine Public Charge: “will the applicant in the future likely be dependent upon one or more of the public benefits on the new list?”
  • Define a “public benefit” for Public Charge purposes as:
    • Non-emergency medicaid, SNAP (food stamps), Medicare Part D Low Income Subsidy, Housing Assistance (public housing or Section 8 housing vouchers and rental assistance)
      • No other public services or benefits (like WIC, EITC, Disaster Relief etc.) would count against an individual for public charge purposes
    • Expand the consideration of Public Charge to individuals within the country who seek to adjust their visa status
    • Weigh positive and negative factors in the following categories: ✓Age ✓Health ✓Family status ✓Financial status ✓Education and skills ✓Affidavit of support
      • Age: Being under 18 or over 61 would be considered a negative factor
      • Health: Medical conditions that will likely interfere with ability to work and require extensive medical treatment or institutionalization will be considered a negative factor
      • Financial Status: Receiving one or more public benefits will be heavily weighted as a negative factor. Earning less than 125% of the Federal Poverty Guideline would be considered a negative factor.
      • Education and skills: Not having a high school or higher education would be a negative factor.
    • The receipt of public benefits by U.S. citizen children (or any child) will not directly be a factor in a parents’ public charge test. ● If a child is an immigrant, his/her/their own use of benefits counts toward his/her/their own public charge determination.
    • These changes will NOT impact Refugees, Asylees, Survivors of Domestic Violence (VAWA), Crime Victims (Visa U, SIJS), or lawful permanent residents (those who have a green card) when applying for citizenship.

When will the Public Charge rule change occur?

These rule changes are only a proposal. The government is required to submit possible rule changes to the public and allow comments for 60 days. The administration submitted the rule on October 10 and the public has until December 10 to submit their comment. The new rule will only be implemented until the government reviews the comments and publishes the final law

Stop the attack: Submit your comment against these proposed changes!

  1. Go to
  2. Write your comment against the change in your own words. Explain how you, your loved ones, or your community would be impacted and why you disagree with the change. Each comment must be UNIQUE to count as a new comment.
  3. You only need to include your name, email, and zip code!

Points you can include in your comment:

  • This change favors the wealthy. Our ability to call the US home with our families shouldn’t be based on how much we have.
  • This change would force immigrants to choose between their health, housing, and food assistance and keeping their families together
  • We are all better off when our neighbors get enough food to eat, the healthcare they need, and safe housing.
  • This rule change would disproportionately impact the most vulnerable people in our community, including people with disabilities, children, older adults, and families who are struggling financially.
  • This rule would disproportionately impact immigrants of  color
  • If implemented, this rule could harm families for generations
  • This proposed regulation will have devastating consequences for all members of an immigrant family, regardless of whether some are citizens or not: We’ve already seen families un-enroll from vital programs out of fear that participation will harm their family’s chance at a permanent future here.




Maltrato en Centro de Detención GEO: Historia de Guadalupe Salas

Este testimonio fue preparado para una conferencia de prensa sobre el maltrato medico en los centros de detencion de imigracion, especificamente en el centro GEO de Aurora.

Por favor apoye la recaudacion de fondos para los hijos de Guadalupe quien se quedaron sin sus padres gracias a la deportacion. 

*Continues in English*

Guadalupe Salas

Mi nombre es Guadalupe Salas. En mayo yo y mi esposo Joel fuimos detenidos y deportados. Era el cumpleanyos de mi hija mayor Nereida, y mi esposo me dijo vamos a comprarle un café a la niña y después la llevamos a cenar. Estábamos en Starbucks cercas de su trabajo recogiendo su cafe. Habían dos agentes de inmigración, uno estaba adentro y otro afuera con ropa de civil. Cuando yo venía entrando a mi carro me pararon los agentes y me dijeron – “eres Guadalupe Salas? Sabemos que tienes orden de deportacion.” Solo me buscaban a mi pero empezaron a hacerle preguntas a mi esposo. Nos agarraron, nos esposaron, y nos llevaron a centennial para documentar el caso y luego nos separaron y nos llevaron a GEO.

Esto fue en Mayo cuando estuve en el centro de detención GEO en Aurora por 3 semanas antes de ser deportada. El centro es muy injusto.

A mi me tuvieron con un dolor de muela por una semana. Me dolía tanto. El dolor era tan fuerte que me dolía la cabeza, todo el cerebro. No podía comer más que unas cucharadas toda la semana, ni un pan. Tenemos que estar mandando un papel pidiendo ayuda médica – pero parece que ese papel a la oficina nunca llega. Tenemos que seguir mandando estos papeles todo el tiempo porque no nos hacen caso. Los mismos que estamos allí nos tenemos que ayudar. Hable con una señora que había estado allí por un año y ella tenía una pastilla para el dolor que había guardado por una emergencia.

En esas tres semanas hubo una situación muy dura, que me dio entender que si no insistes, alli te vas a morir y ellos no les importa.

Un dia, a la hora de cenar una muchacha indígena de Honduras que hablan otro dialecto se quedó en su celda y no salio, se quedo desmayada en el piso y nadie fue a ver que tenía por horas. La muchacha estaba casi muerta. No les importo, no la atendieron hasta el siguiente dia, y aun asi solo le dieron una pastilla para dolor. Ya nunca la volvieron a checar. Nunca entró un doctor o una enfermera para ver cómo seguía. Solo las compañeras se encargaban de darle de comer.  No me imagina lo que se sentía no poder hablar ni español ni menos el inglés y poder pedir ayuda y poder insistir. Yo pense, aqui te mueres y no te atienden.

Los congresistas y la comunidad deben entender que injustos son en los centros de detención. En mi caso, en el caso de la muchacha, y en este caso de la epidemia de Varicela en GEO está bien claro que no les importa la salud de las personas. El Congreso tiene que hacer algo para proteger los derechos de las personas.


This testimony was written for a press conference on medical mistreatment in detention centers as a whole and specifically at the GEO detention center in Aurora.

Please support the fundraiser for Guadalupe’s children who lost both their parents thanks to deportation. 

Guadalupe Salas

My name is Guadalupe Salas. In May, I and my husband Joel were detained and deported. It was my eldest daughter Nereida’s birthday, and my husband told me that we should pick up a coffee for our little girl in the morning and then take her to dinner at night. So we went to the Starbucks near her work to pick up her birthday coffee. There were two immigration agents, one inside and one outside in plain clothes. As I was getting into my car, the agents stopped me and asked – “are you Guadalupe Salas? We know you have a deportation order.” They were just looking for me but they started asking my husband questions. They grabbed us, handcuffed us, and took us to the centennial to document the case and then separated us and took us to GEO.

This was in May when I was in the GEO detention center in Aurora for 3 weeks before being deported. The center is very unfair.

They had me with a toothache for a week. It hurt so much. The pain was so strong that my head hurt. I could not eat more than a few bites all week, not even a bite of bread. In order to get medical assistance, we have to send notes asking for medical help – but it seems those notes never make it to the office they need to. We have to keep sending these notes all the time because they do not pay attention to us. All of us who are in there have to help each other. I finally talked with to a lady who had been there for a year and she had a pain pill she had saved for an emergency that she gave me.

In those three weeks there was a very hard situation, which made me to understand that if you do not insist and advocate for yourself, you can die there and they do not care.

One day, at dinner time, an indigenous girl from Honduras who speaks another dialect stayed in her cell and did not go out. She fell unconscious on the floor for hours she stayed there because nobody went to see her. The girl was almost dead. They did not care, they did not take care of her until the next day, and even then they only gave her a pill for pain. They never checked it again. A doctor or a nurse never came in to see how she was doing. Only the other women in there cared and decided to feed her to ensure she ate. I can not imagine what it felt like not being able to speak Spanish much less English and not be able to ask for help and make sure you got it. I thought, you could die here and they could care less.

Congress and the community must understand how unfair they are in detention centers. In my case, in the case of the girl, and in this case of the Varicella epidemic in GEO it is very clear that they do not care about people’s health. Congress has to do something to protect people who are in detention.

Cervezas for Causes: Clean Drinking Water is a Human Right

Cervezas for Causes Colorado People's Alliance

In the last few months we have been at the doors in Montbello and Commerce City engaging community in our water justice work. The majority of those we talked to don’t trust that their tap water is safe to drink. 85 of them have expressed the need to test their water.


A water test costs $107 and is not affordable for the vast majority of those we’ve spoken with. To date, we’ve completed 18 water tests, leaving us with at least 67 more homes to test. However, this number doesn’t include the additional homes we will identify through the doors in the coming month. To date, COPA has stepped in and is paying for the tests, but we will run out of funds soon and so we need your support in paying for the tests.


“When moving into Commerce City years ago, people warned me about the air and water. But we couldn’t turn down the offer to own our own first home so we moved in.

After moving in and finding harsh chemical rings on dishes, cloudy drinking water etc. I decided to get my water tested.

My water was well over the regulations for acceptable drinking water.

Because of my newborn and toddler, I figured out a way to finance a $7,000 water softener system for my house. I am still paying it off, but it’s ridiculous that I have had to spend so much money on getting clean water and that so many other people don’t have the opportunity to burden that expense.” -Janet, Commerce City resident


We need your support in this urgent issue.


Clean, safe drinking water is a human right. We want to test the water to ensure that people have peace of mind, or if needed, we can work together to solve any issues and ensure clean drinking water for all.


Join us on Thursday, October 18th from 6-9pm at Cervecería Colorado–a portion of the sales will go to funding these urgent water tests! Along with your beer, crafted in collaboration with Mexican breweries, you can eat some delicious pizza from the Amore Pizza food truck, who will also be donating a portion of their sales to our Water Justice campaign. Check out the Facebook Event here.


What: Water Justice fundraiser at Cervecería Colorado with Amore Pizza

Where: Cervecería Colorado, 1635 Platte St., Denver 80202

When: Thursday, October 18th, 6-9pm

Who? You! Bring your friends and family too to join COPA at this fun event!


Questions? Contact Julie at or 720-732-4351


Can’t make it to Cervecería Colorado? You can still donate here!


Cervezas por Causas: Agua Potable es un Derecho Humano

Cervezas for Causes Colorado People's Alliance

En los últimos meses hemos estado tocando puertas en Montbello y Commerce City para hablar con la comunidad acerca de nuestro trabajo de justicia del agua. La mayoría de las personas con las que hemos hablado no confían que su agua potable es segura para beber. 85 de ellos han expresado la necesidad de examinar su agua.


Una prueba de agua cuesta $107 y no es asequible por la mayoría de las personas que hablamos. Hasta hoy, hemos hecho 18 exámenes del agua, y nos faltan por lo menos 67 más casas para examinar. Pero ese número no incluye las casas adicionales que vamos a identificar en los meses que vienen. Hasta hoy, COPA ha tomado la responsabilidad de pagar por los exámenes del agua, pero estamos en poco de gastar todos nuestros fondos para esto y necesitamos su apoyo para poder pagar los exámenes del agua.


“Hace años cuando casi iba a mudar a Commerce City, la gente me advirtió sobre el aire y el agua. Pero no pudimos rechazar la oportunidad de ser dueños de nuestra primera casa entonces nos mudamos.

Después de mudar y al encontrar anillos químicos ásperos en platos, agua potable turbia, etc. yo decidí probar mi agua.

Mi agua estaba bien sobre las regulaciones para el agua potable aceptable.

Debido a mi bebé recién nacido y niñito, financie Because of my newborn and toddler, financié un sistema de ablandador de agua de $7,000 por mi casa. Todavia estoy pagando por él y es ridículo que tenga que pagar tanto para tener agua potable limpia y que muchos otros en la comunidad no pueden hacer este gasto.” -Janet, residente en Commerce City


Necesitamos su apoyo en este tema urgente.


Agua potable limpia y segura es un derecho humano. Queremos examinar el agua para asegurarnos que gente tenga tranquilidad, o si es necesario, podamos trabajar juntos para resolver cualquier problema y asegurarnos que todos tengan acceso a agua potable limpia.


¡Únase a nosotros el jueves, 18 de october de las 6-9pm en Cervecería Colorado–una porción de las ventas irán a apoyar estas exámenes del agua urgentes! Con su cerveza, hecha en colaboración con cervecerias en México, puede comer pizza rica de Amore Pizza, quienes también van a donar una porción de sus ventas a nuestra campaña de Justica del Agua. Puede ver más información aquí en nuestro Evento en Facebook.


Qué: Recaudación de Fondos para Nuestra Campaña de Justica del agua en Cervecería Colorado con Amore Pizza

Dónde: Cervecería Colorado, 1635 Platte St., Denver 80202

Cuándo: el jueves, 18 de octubre, 6-9pm

¿Quien? ¡Usted! También traiga a sus amigos y familia para acompañar a COPA en este evento divertido!


¿Preguntas? Contacte a Julie a o 720-732-4351


¿No puede venir a la Cervecería Colorado? ¡Puede hacer una donación aquí!

Climate, Jobs and Justice from Dalila’s Perspective

**Seguido en español

Colorado People’s Alliance believes that in order to move to a Just and Equitable Transition towards renewable energy, those most impacted should be at the forefront of  decision-making. This was taken into account when composing the panel for Colorado’s Climate, Jobs and Justice Summit. The summit provided versatile perspectives that included hearing from labor and directly impacted community members. 

Our member, Dalila did an amazing job in bringing her perspective to the table. As a directly impacted community member, its perspectives like Dalila’s that should be considered when moving towards a Just and Equitable Transition in Colorado. Dalila’s involvement with Colorado People’s Alliance was first rooted in immigrant justice work but quickly moved towards climate. Dalila says that what keeps her involved in the fight for climate justice is the acknowledgement that climate is all around us and that everyone, especially those most impacted deserve to have their voices heard.

For Dalila, climate justice means being able to trust the quality of her tap water as safe to drink, working towards better air quality, and giving field workers the power to advocate for themselves. On her path to power Dalila has learned about the ways corporations use their power to exploit others for their own profit. In order to defeat our opponents and hold them accountable, Dalila is harnessing people power through organizing community and educating others on the importance of climate justice work. She believes that only through holding corporations responsible can we achieve positive social change and hopes the movement becomes a snowball that eventually develops into an unstoppable avalanche. 

She will continue to make noise and hold corporations accountable by continuing to organize community through our membership.


La Alianza del Pueblo de Colorado cree que para avanzar hacia una Transición Justa y Equitativa hacia la energía renovable, los más afectados deben ser primordiales en haciendo decisiones. Esto se tuvo en cuenta al componer el panel para la Conferencia sobre el Clima, Empleos y Justicia de Colorado. La conferencia brindó perspectivas versátiles que incluían audiencias laborales y miembros de la comunidad directamente afectados.

Nuestra miembra, Dalila hizo un trabajo increíble al traer su perspectiva a la mesa. Como miembro de la comunidad directamente afectada, perspectivas como las de Dalila deben ser consideradas al avanzar hacia una Transición Justa y Equitativa en Colorado. La implicación de Dalila con la Alianza del Pueblo de Colorado se originó primero en el trabajo de la justicia de inmigrantes, pero rápidamente se movió hacia el clima. Dalila dice que lo que la mantiene involucrada en la lucha por la justicia climática es el reconocimiento de que el clima nos rodea y que todos, especialmente los más afectados, merecen ser tomados en cuanta.

Para Dalila, la justicia climática significa poder confiar en la calidad de su agua portable como segura para beber, trabajando para lograr una mejor calidad del aire y dando a los trabajadores de campo el poder de abogar por sí mismos. En su camino hacia el poder, Dalila ha aprendido sobre las formas en que las corporaciones usan su poder para explotar a otros en su propio beneficio. Para derrotar a nuestros oponentes y responsabilizarlos, Dalila está aprovechando el poder de la comunidad, organizando y educando a otros sobre la importancia del trabajo de justicia climática. Ella cree que solo a través de responsabilizar a las empresas podemos lograr un cambio social positivo y esperamos que el movimiento se convierta en una bola de nieve que eventualmente se convierta en una avalancha imparable.

Ella continuará haciendo ruido y responsabilizando a las corporaciones al continuar organizando a la comunidad a través de nuestra membresía.

URGENT DEADLINE, AUGUST 7: Keep The Citizenship Question Off the Census

URGENT Action Alert: Keep the Citizenship Question off the Census!

In an effort to erase and under-count undocumented Americans and mixed status families, the racist administration is attempting to add a Citizenship question to the 2020 US Census. This could have disastrous impacts for the country as a whole and especially on states like Colorado that will lose vital funding and representation. Last year, Colorado had the 8th fastest growing population in the country. If the next census is to accurately reflect the enormous population growth of over 75,000 residents just in the past year, the census must be accessible to all residents regardless of citizenship status. Learn more about what the census is for and why it’s important here.


Take 2 minutes to complete this easy form to submit your public comment against the addition of a Citizenship question on the US Census. Learn more about the question and who can submit public comment at the resource page.

The deadline to submit public comment is August 7th.

ALERTA DE ACCIÓN URGENTE: ¡Mantenga la pregunta de ciudadanía fuera del censo!

En un esfuerzo por borrar y subestimar a los estadounidenses indocumentados y las familias de estatus mixto, la administración racista está tratando de agregar una pregunta de ciudadanía al Censo del año 2020. Esto podría tener un impacto desastroso para el país en general y especialmente en estados como Colorado que perderán fondos y representación vital. El año pasado, Colorado tuvo la octava población de más rápido crecimiento en el país. Si el próximo censo realmente va a reflejar con precisión el enorme crecimiento de la población de más de 75,000 residentes en el último año, el censo debe ser accesible para todos los residentes sin importar su estado de ciudadanía. Aprenda mas sobre como trabaja el censo y porque es importante aqui.


Tóme 2 minutos para completar este sencillo formulario para enviar su comentario público en contra de la adición de una pregunta de ciudadanía en el censo del 2020. Obtenga más información sobre la pregunta y quién puede enviar comentarios públicos en la página de recursos.

La fecha límite para enviar comentarios públicos es el 7 de agosto.

US CAN Annual Meeting Update

*Seguido en español*

At the end of June our member Meaghan and Executive Director Lizeth Chacon traveled to Spokane, Washington to the US Climate Action Network’s (US CAN) Annual Meeting. Read about Meaghan’s experience below.

The US Climate Action Network’s annual meeting in Spokane was my first time travelling to represent COPA. The conference brought together people involved in multiple forms of climate activism from grassroots organizing to political and corporate influencers. Before the meeting, attendees were asked to read several prep documents that encouraged us to self-identify the tactics used by our organization: either citizen, change-agent, reformer, or rebel. I align COPA with the roles of change agent, reformer and rebel- I believe that because we follow a member led model we can act with such diverse tactics within our own grassroots organization. Lizeth and I agreed that the role of citizen triggers tension within our membership because of work regarding immigration rights. Using these guideposts, I informed other conference attendees of our work on the water justice campaign in Montbello and Commerce City, as well as our coalition work drafting community-based legislation for a just transition to 100% renewables in CO by 2035.

Just transition work was a major topic of discussion at the meeting. I was warned that previous meetings from the organization were problematic because they marginalized voices from frontline communities and centered organizing strictly around a 100%-renewable- by-X-year narrative. Many grassroots organizations, particularly in a Just Transition break out discussion, voiced concerns with this narrative missing the mark. We collectively attempted to define what a just transition should look like and agreed that it should be part of a larger movement to replace existing power structures with a community-controlled, equitable means of resource management. The event culminated in all groups voting on US CAN’s top priorities for the next year. COPA voted for Public Health, Health Care and Climate Change, 100% Clean & Renewable Energy for All, and placed two votes for a Just Social and Economic Transition. The public health, and just transition network alignment areas were voted as a top priority by all voting members.

Al final de junio nuestro miembro Meaghan y nuestra Directora Ejecutiva Lizeth Chacon asistieron la reunión anual de US Climate Action Network (US CAN). Lee la reflexión de Meaghan abajo.

La reunión anual de la red de acción climática de Estados Unidos en Spokane fue la primera vez que viajé a representar a COPA. La Conferencia reunió a personas involucradas en múltiples formas de activismo climático desde la organización de las bases hasta los influenciadores políticos y corporativos. Antes de la reunión, se les pidió a los asistentes que leyeran varios documentos de preparación que nos animaron a identificar las tácticas usadas por nuestra organización: ciudadano, agente de cambio, reformador o rebelde. Alineo COPA con los roles de agente de cambio, reformador y rebelde–creo que porque somo dirigidas por los miembros podemos actuar con tácticas tan diversas dentro de nuestra propia organización de base. Lizeth y yo coincidimos en que el papel de los ciudadanos desencadena la tensión dentro de nuestra membresía debido al trabajo sobre los derechos de inmigración. Usando estos hitos, informé a otros asistentes de la conferencia de nuestro trabajo sobre la campaña de justicia del agua en Montbello y Commerce City, así como nuestro trabajo de coalición redactando legislación comunitaria para una transición justa a 100% de las energías renovables en CO por 2035.

El trabajo de una transición justa fue un tema importante de discusión en la reunión. Me advirtieron que las reuniones anteriores de la organización eran problemáticas porque marginaron las voces de las comunidades de primera línea y se centraron en organizar estrictamente alrededor de una narrativa 100% renovable por X años. Muchos organiaziones de la base, particularmente en una transición justa rompen la discusión, expresaron preocupaciones con esta narrativa que falta la marca. Tratamos colectivamente definir lo que debería parecer una transición justa y acordamos que debería formar parte de un movimiento más amplio para reemplazar las estructuras de poder existentes con un medio de gestión de recursos equitativo y controlado por la comunidad. El evento culminó en todos los grupos que votaron sobre las principales prioridades de la US CAN para el próximo año. COPA votó por la salud pública, el cuidado de la salud y el cambio climático, 100% de energía limpia y renovable para todos, y puso dos votos para una justa transición social y económica. La salud pública y las áreas de alineación de redes de transición fueron votadas como prioridad máxima por todos los miembros votantes.