Colorado People’s Alliance (COPA) DACA Fund Eligibility Criteria 

General Colorado People’s Alliance (COPA) is a racial justice, member-led organization that is working to advance the issues of climate, immigrant and economic justice. The COPA DACA Fund is a temporary fund that has been established to support leaders from our movement cover the costs of the application for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). It is a critical time for our immigrant community, and it is critical for us to support those who have given so much to our community and movement. 

Requirements Applicant must: 

  • Need to renew their DACA in 2020 
  • Be involved with a Colorado non-profit, either as a staff, volunteer or member 
  • Show commitment to: 

o Fight against the systems that are oppressing our communities 

o Fight for long term changes to our immigration system 

  • Demonstrate financial need 
  • Relatives and spouses of COPA directors, officer, and employees are not eligible to participate in the program.

Review of Applications The Colorado People’s Alliance Board of Directors will review all applications. All applications shall remain strictly confidential. The applications will receive a score from 0-15, only applicants that receive a score of 10 or above will be granted the funds to support with their DACA application. 

The application score will be based on: 

  • Applicants past and current participation in the movement – 5 points 
  • Applicants commitment to the fight for immigrant justice – 5 points 
  • Applicants demonstrated need to receive support with the application fee – 5 points 

The number and amount of funds granted is dependent upon funding. Not all applicants, even those who receive top scores, are guaranteed any funding, depending upon the amount of applications received. This program may be discontinued by COPA at any time, without prior written notice. 

Note on COPA’s DACA Fund Colorado People’s Alliance is not a service organization, this fund has been established due to a need in our community. If funds are granted, 100% of the funds must be used to pay for the DACA application fee, not legal fees or any other expenses. Those who receive funds must provide a receipt or other proof that the funds were spent on their DACA application fee. 

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