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Colorado People's Alliance. Citizenship Class

My name is Sandra. I have 2 kids, Humberto and Karol. I have lived in the US for 12 years. I got married in Mexico—my husband is a US citizen and because of that we live here. For me, the first few years in the US were really difficult—I didn’t know English, I didn’t know the customs. The truth is at first I never went out alone and I never answered the door because I was too afraid.

I have lived in Colorado for almost 9 years. About 2 years ago I started in the Citizenship Classes. At first I was really afraid to attend mostly due to the language but I made the decision and little by little I adapted. I realized it wasn’t easy to learn and there was a lot to learn but thanks be to God our teachers are excellent—I couldn’t have found better teachers. Also, the classes are bilingual which is good. They don’t prepare you to just pass the test, they teach us things that serve us in our daily lives—something very helpful during these difficult times.

Now two years later I am a citizen of this country. I can say that I am an American Citizen—a right I have won and it has taken a lot of effort to get it but that is the reality. Now I continue fighting so that others can follow and realize their dream of being an American citizen, I support them and share my story to motivate them so they don’t feel defeated. I continue to belong to COPA and it is a great privilege to belong to an organization that seeks a better world, a world of equality. It’s an organization that not only tells us our rights but where we also learn about our responsibilities. (Sandra, March 2018)

Citizenship Classes are  currently virtual. Contact us for more information. 

Class Cost (for materials) 

COPA Members:

  • $30 – 1 year COPA Membership
    • Includes one FREE 8 week session of Citizenship Classes
  • $20 – Additional Citizenship Class sessions, as long as COPA membership is active


  • $40 – Citizenship Classes – One 8 week session

For additional information about our Citizenship Classes please contact Lee Ann at 720-427-2613 or

Citizenship Legal Services

We are a BIA accredited organization and our BIA accredited representative offers the following services for our citizenship class students.

N-400 Application 

  • Full Fee: $100 per application 
  • Reduced Fee: $50 per application 
  • For those who qualify for the Citizenship Application Fee Waiver under USCIS Guidelines: $0 per application 


I-90 (renewal)

  • Full Fee: $50 per application 
  • Reduced Fee: $25 per application 
  • For those who qualify for the Citizenship Application Fee Waiver under USCIS Guidelines: $0 per application 


Request for records/Info Pass Appointments

  • Fee will be based on number of hours spent on this service. Hourly rate: $20 an hour

Fee Waiver/Reduction Policy

To ensure that everyone in our community that requires support with their naturalization process receives that support, COPA will work to provide its legal services at a low price. We will follow the same policy for these services as we do for our citizenship classes, no one gets turned away, we work for the community and will work to support everyone that requires our support. 

For those who can’t afford to pay the full price of the services we will offer a reduced fee, that fee will be 50% lower than the original fee. COPA will offer its legal services for naturalization for free to those who qualify for the N-400 application fee waiver and will use the USCIS standards to determine who qualifies for our free legal services. 


Location of Services

COPA’s citizenship legal services will only be provided at the Aurora location (14707 E. 2nd Ave. Aurora, CO 80011). Under no circumstance will our services be provided anywhere else.



COPA’s legal services described above involve helping the client fill out the USCIS application and advising the client as to what documents the client needs to include in the application. The client is solely responsible for sending in the client’s application package to USCIS and monitoring the progress of the application. This service does not include tracking the progress of the application and the scheduling of any interviews and does not include attending any interviews, appointments, or ceremonies in connection with the application.