Civic Engagement

At COPA we work to ensure our community is engaged in the civic process; from taking direct action, lobbying their elected officials, attending town hall meetings, moving forward legislation on the issues they care most about, to registering to vote and voting in every election.

 Because we believe that every aspect of our work is part of civic engagement, through door to door canvassing we work to connect our get out to vote efforts to the issues the voters care most about – we are moving forward a platform for an economy that works for all Coloradan’s not just the wealthy few, for a Colorado that is welcoming to all regardless of immigration status or/and race, and to hold accountable corporate polluters to put our people and planet first.

Get Involved In Ensuring We Use Our Voices to Stand Up for Our Communities!

If you are ready to become a US Citizen or know of someone who is – Contact us at 720-427-2613 to enroll in our bilingual Citizenship Classes in the Aurora Office.

Are you eligible to vote in Colorado but are not registered to vote? You can register using the link below, and you can also register your friends and family!

Are you ready to take to the streets to ensure we turn our community out to vote this upcoming election? Contact Kevin at 720-353-0599Colorado People's Alliance. COPA. Civic Engagement. Denver