Climate Justice

Colorado People’s Alliance is fighting to protect our planet and people. Since our start in 2015 we have been working hard to bring the voices and lived experiences of those most directly  impacted by environmental pollutants to the climate fight. We are bringing a class and race analysis to the fight and ensuring that folks of color and low -income communities lead the work for change, that they lead the work to hold corporate polluters accountable and move our state to a renewable energy economy that doesn’t leave workers and those most impacted behind.

Just Transition

We demand those responsible for polluting our communities to invest in accessible and community-controlled renewable energy sources with targeted investment in communities who are most directly impacted by environmental pollutants and workers.

It is time for workers, communities of color, and low-income communities to be prioritized in the fight for climate justice and for a   transition off of fossil fuels to a renewable energy economy that prioritizes a community controlled energy system, job creation and job training, and targeted community investment in communities most impacted. 

We are working on moving the state to a 100% renewable energy economy through statewide policy and rulemaking.

We are working to move to Denver to 100% renewable energy and hope that Denver will be a city to set an example for the rest of the state by engaging in a process that is equitable and that lifts up those most impacted. 

Water Justice

After ongoing engagement with the community through conversations at their doors, we found that community members in Commerce City do not trust their drinking water to be safe to drink and most are relying on alternate water services. In 2018 we discovered that 12 wells that distribute water to over 50,000 households in Commerce City are contaminated with perfluorinated chemicals.

We are working to organize those impacted by this and demand that the Adams County Water Board take action to ensure that everyone has access to clean drinking water and we demand a transparent process for fixing the water contamination issues in Commerce City.


Corporate Accountability

We need to ensure that the corporate polluters that are benefiting from polluting our neighborhoods and communities are held responsible for their actions. We need strong policies to hold corporate polluters accountable and stop their greedy practices that are deeply impacting our communities.

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