A Just Transition

It is time for Colorado to justly transition our electricity generation to 100% renewable energy and address toxic pollution across the state, especially in communities who have disproportionately felt the impacts of climate change. The transition to a 100% renewable energy future by 2035 will protect our climate and our communities, create jobs across the state, and provide lower and more stable energy costs to residents.
We demand those responsible for polluting our communities to invest in accessible and community-controlled renewable energy sources with targeted investment in communities who are most directly impacted by pollution and to ensure good jobs are created for workers, with training programs to ensure a just and equitable transition.
It is time for Colorado to be an example of how we can put our workers, communities, and planet first by transitioning off of fossil fuels to a renewable energy economy that prioritizes a community controlled energy system, job creation and job training, and targeted community investment in communities historically impacted by environmental justice issues. Join us!

From when I was young, my father would take me out in nature and teach me about various species of animals and plants and would explain to me the splendor of our Earth and the immense benefits our ecosystems provide. My mother and tías would ensure that I recognized the privilege I had by telling me to cherish the support and resources I had access to because many people did not have the same. It is true that many people do not have access to quality resources, including the most basic necessities such as water and air. This is because low-income and communities of color have been historically disinvested in; from neglecting infrastructure maintenance to having large factories and plants that produce immense amounts of toxic air placed in the middle of neighborhoods. Our time is now defined by humans’, and specifically corporations and the 1%, dominant effects on the environment and climate. Humanity must act now to save the planet that we all call home. Colorado can be a model for other localities by investing in a Just Transition that equitably supports communities that are historically and currently disinvested in to ensure a successful sustainable transition initiative.
-Evalina COPA Member