A Just Transition




It is time for Colorado to justly transition our electricity generation to 100% renewable energy and address toxic pollution across the state, especially in communities who have disproportionately felt the impacts of climate change. The transition to a 100% renewable energy future by 2035 will protect our climate and our communities, create jobs across the state, and provide lower and more stable energy costs to residents.

We demand for those responsible for polluting our communities to invest in accessible and community controlled renewable energy sources with targeted investment in communities who are most directly impacted by pollution and to ensure good jobs are created for workers, with training programs to ensure a just and equitable transition.

lobby day 3.7.18

It is time for Colorado to be an example of how we can put our workers, communities, and planet first by transitioning off of fossil fuels-to a renewable energy economy that prioritizes a community controlled energy system, job creation and job training, and targeted community investment in communities historically impacted by environmental justice issues. Join us!



Get Involved!

For more information please contact elizabeth@coloradopeoplesalliance.org or 303-893-3500 ext. 1