A Just Transition



It is time to stop putting corporations before our community’s health and safety. The oil and gas industry is profiting off of the backs of communities of color, and that ain’t right!

Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) is not the solution in Colorado, we need a transition to a clean energy economy, which means an infrastructure that relies on 100% clean, renewable energy and increased regulations for energy efficiency, and prioritize good green jobs and job training in our communities.   A just transition is about community taking back control of our communities and their development, and ensuring that we have an economy that works for all of us, not just the 1% and corporations.

Now is the time to join the movement for climate justice, and for communities of color and low income communities to be at the center. We must change the narrative around climate to center the experiences of communities of color and recognize the history of pollution and a lack of investment in frontline communities, if we are going to put our people and planet first. Join us!

Get Involved!

For more information please contact elizabeth@coloradopeoplesalliance.org or 303-893-3500 ext. 1