Water Justice

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Through our Climate Justice canvass in 2016 we received troubling information from the majority of community members we spoke with at the doors. Our community does not have confidence in the drinking water from their tap, and instead of using their tap water are having to buy bottled water instead.  

Colorado People's Alliance. Water Justice. Climate Justice. Denver. COPA

COPA members canvassed again this past summer, in order to better understand from community, their concerns around their tap water.  Through talking to  folks in Montbello and Commerce City, we continued to hear strongly from community members that their are deep concerns about their drinking water, and people are continuing to buy bottled water.

Our communities should not have to buy bottled water. Everyone deserves access to clean water and we will continue to work with community to ensure that we all have access to safe drinking water and confidence in those responsible for ensuring our health and safety.

“I have lived in Denver in the area of Montbello for over 20 years. The health and safety of my family and community are very important to me. However, for the last 8 years my family has not had access to safe drinking water from our tap. My mother, and others in my community, have had health problems because of our drinking water. For the past 8 years my family and I have bought bottled water, and this is something that many families in my community are also doing. It is not right that my community must buy bottled water, we shouldn’t have to pay for water – there is no confidence in the drinking water from my neighborhood. 

My family’s experiences are why I am working with Colorado People’s Alliance to ensure that my family and community have access to safe drinking water, to clean air, and to good paying jobs. I believe that everyone should have the right to safe drinking water. And at the same time, I know that for my grandchildren to be healthy and safe we must reprioritize investment in communities that have been targeted by corporate polluters, my community. It is time for Colorado to be an example of a state that prioritizes clean energy and increased community control over our economy and energy system.” Consuelo, COPA member

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Do you believe everyone has a right to safe drinking water? Join our campaign! Contact us for more details and to get involved: 303-893-3500