Water Justice

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Through our Climate Justice canvass in 2016 we received troubling information from the majority of community members we spoke with at the doors. Our community does not have access to safe drinking water, and it is making our communities sick.

During the Summer of 2016 COPA members canvassed over 3,000 doors in Montbello and Green Valley Ranch, talking to folks about Fracking (hydraulic fracking) and the ways in which the oil and gas industry are profiting off of our communities. From the 500 conversations we had with community members in Montbello, the majority of them expressed concern in regards to their drinking water, and they shared that many of their family had become sick because of the drinking water.


We are deeply troubled by what we have heard from our community and after we finalized our canvass we decided to launch a campaign. COPA is launching a Water Justice Campaign in Montbello and Commerce City to ensure all communities have access to safe drinking water.


Do you live in Montebello or Commerce City? Join our campaign! Contact Elizabeth at elizabeth@coloradopeoplesalliance.org or 303-893-3500 ext. 1