Living Wage

In November of 2016, COPA led a huge victory, winning Amendment 70 to increase the minimum wage to $12 by 2020. While this was a significant step, we know that communities across our state are struggling to keep up with the rapidly rising costs of living – the fact is, $12 is still not enough for some parts of Colorado.
That is why we, as a part of the Work Here, Thrive Here coalition, fought to pass the Local Wage Option – this policy will allow local governments to raise the minimum wage in their area above the state level. In cities and counties like Denver, Boulder, Aspen, and others, that would mean a raise for low wage workers and incentive to live in the community where they work.
Wages should provide a good quality of life for workers and their families, and should ensure access to robust services like healthcare, education, and a social safety net. Because of existing inequalities, black and brown communities must be centered in these fights for economic justice.
More broadly, massive wealth inequality is a product of the 1% and corporations control over our economy, both here in Colorado and throughout the entire country (and world). COPA believes that instead of intervening in the economy to benefit those elites, the government and our economy should represent the people.

For more information, or to get involved, contact Robel at or (720) 837-3683