Immigrant Justice

My name is Monserrat, I am a 17 year old student, and one of the millions of people who could benefit from the DREAM Act. Since I was not able to benefit from DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), I was never able to enjoy the freedom from fear of deportation. It has been extremely frustrating to have to depend on my parents and watch them struggle without being able to do anything and help them since I can’t work or drive. I also find myself stuck because I am not able to obtain many scholarships which I qualify for, except for the fact that I am undocumented. While I wasn’t able to qualify for DACA, I would qualify for the DREAM Act. That’s why I have been active in pushing Congress to do the right thing and pass a clean DREAM Act since last year. I have shared my story publicly and I have taken risks to hold my elected officials accountable for their inaction, but I am still waiting for Congress to do the right thing.  That’s why I’ll continue fighting for immigrant justice, and I invite you to join me. (Monserrat, COPA member)

Through our values of family unity and the equal respect and treatment of all humans, regardless of their religion, language, ethnicity, race, class, or immigration status, we continue to work and advocate for the United States Congress to pass an immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship.

We organize around Federal Immigration Policies, getting Driver’s Licenses for all Coloradans, Community-Led Immigrant Protection Policies, and Deportation Resistance.


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