Federal Immigration Policy

The Fight Ahead
We are facing dangerous times but we are not giving up in our fight to legalize and provide a pathway to citizenship for the over 11 million undocumented immigrants living in this country. We continue to advocate for Congress to take meaningful action on immigration by advocating for policies that grant protections for undocumented citizens like the DREAM Act, and the defunding of the agencies that make up the deportation machine.  We are resisting the anti-immigrant attacks coming from this white supremacist administration that seek to close all pathways to legal migration and detain and deport as many immigrants as possible. We will not give up and we will fight for a United States that values its diversity, that values immigrants and refugees, and a country that respects our dignity as human beings.

Defund Hate

In the past few months, we have seen gut-wrenching reports on the abuses immigrant children face at the hands of immigration enforcement agents in detention facilities.  We have heard about the horrors LGBTQ immigrants face at the hands of the state. We have seen countless reports of abuse at both government run and privately run detention centers like GEO in Aurora.

That is why we are working to push Congress to commit to refusing to give another cent to ICE, CBP, and the deportation machine that is tearing families apart and perpetuating trauma in our communities.

We are also working to push for more accountability and transparency  around detention centers specifically and DHS more generally.


On Sept. 5th, the current administration rescinded the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Since then, Dreamers have lived with uncertainty after a year  of continuous changes due to capricious deadlines by the administration, the elimination of the program by the administration, and the partial restart of the program after various court battles forced the administration to accept renewals once again. DACA is once again facing another court challenge that argues against the legality of the program to begin with. This case will be decided by Judge Hanen of Texas, the same judge who struck down DAPA. Ultimately, the case on DACA will come to the Supreme Court, as there have been multiple warring decisions by different District courts on the subject. If the Supreme Court has Brett M. Kavanaugh confirmed as the 9th justice by the time the case is decided, it will likely be struck down.

We continue to fight to #DefendDACA and we will continue to fight for a clean DREAM Act that takes the first step to creating  humane and just immigration system that recognizes that all people have a right to move for safety and for a better life and prioritizes keeping families together. We will not stand for efforts to divide our community, or any increases in funding for the border wall, to militarize the border, to put more ICE boots on the ground or to put more immigrants in detention beds.

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