Federal Immigration Policy

The Fight Ahead
We are facing dangerous times but we are not giving up in our fight to legalize and provide a pathway to citizenship for the over 11 million undocumented immigrants living in this country. We continue to advocate for Congress to take meaningful action on immigration by advocating for Comprehensive Immigration Reform and other efforts in support of our community. We are resisting and will continue to resist the attacks from the current administration. We will not give up and we will fight for a United States that values its diversity, that values immigrants and refugees, and a country that respects our dignity as human beings.


DACA is under attack by 10 anti-immigrant state leaders who have threatened that if the Department of Homeland Security does not phase out DACA by Sept. 5, they will sue on the same grounds that defeated DAPA/DACA+. We must continue push the state leaders from the rest of the nation to step up in defense of DACA.


Recently Senators Purdue (R-GA) and Cotton (R-AR) introduced a White House backed anti-immigrant policy called the RAISE Act which would cut legal immigration by half and erode a core tenant of the american immigration system: family reunification. This policy is an effort by white nationalist and corporate extremists in Washington, including president Trump to scapegoat immigrants for the economic disaster they have created with their anti-worker policies that allow billion dollar companies (including the president’s) to move jobs overseas. Immigrants GROW the American economy and are vital to the success of the country.

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