Leadership Development

We believe that those who are most directly impacted by the issues immigration, climate, an economic inequity  should be at the front lines leading the work for change, which is why we have a member-led model. We provide different leadership trainings throughout the year in order to support community in having the tools and analysis  necessary to become leaders in their community and lead the work for change for their families and their community.

Our Successes

  • Over 100 members trained
  • Member led evaluation team  
  • Opportunities to train locally and nationally 

“I loved the leadership training. I was able to understand more of all the subjects because it was in my language. I learned about the importance of building power and I learned that alone I will not be able to change things, but if I invite my friends, my neighbors or my children we can do it if we are united. I also learned the importance of organizing money so that COPA can do more like send members to conferences and help Montbello residents get clean water. I want to continue learning.” -Our member and citizenship class student Silvina joined us in March 2019 for our first ever Spanish Day Long leadership training.

We provide different training opportunities throughout the year. If you are interested in COPA Leadership Development Trainings please contact us!