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*Adapted from our national affiliate People’s Action*

My name is Gerardo. I am a proud undocumented immigrant and a grassroots leader at Colorado People’s Alliance, where we fight for racial justice in Colorado and nationwide.

Growing up, I knew I shouldn’t tell other people about my immigration status. I thought it was shameful to be undocumented, but I didn’t quite understand why.

That changed when I turned 19.

I was pulled over one day because my license plate light was burnt out. When the officer saw that I’m Latino, he racially profiled me and questioned my right to be in the country. When he discovered that I didn’t have identification on me, he took me to jail.

I thought it would end there. But the officer decided to call Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), who took me to an immigration office nearby. That was where they began processing a deportation order, before throwing me into a detention center.

I moved to Colorado when I was nine, and all of my friends and family live here. This is my home. It’s the place where I have my hopes and dreams. Being deported to Mexico would mean I’d have nowhere to go.

Thankfully, ICE decided I was not a high priority for deportation and closed my case. I was lucky.

Then, when President Obama introduced the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, I was saved. DACA protected me from being violently incarcerated and deported.

As a DACA youth, I was able to get a job, build a career, obtain health care insurance, and create a network of friends and loved ones without fear of being taken away from them.

But now, President Trump and the GOP are threatening to eliminate DACA. There are reports that an order could come down today. There are 800,000 DACA recipients who have stories like mine. Our lives, our dreams, are on the line.

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Press Release: Dear Cory Gardner, Silence is Unacceptable

February 1, 2017

Contact: Lizeth Chacon, (720) 938-6588


Dear Cory Gardner, Silence is Unacceptable

DENVER, CO- Colorado People’s Alliance (COPA) members are greatly concerned by the lack of communication from Cory Gardner’s office regarding the executive orders that target his immigrant constituents. We were glad to see the Senator recognize that the refugee and Muslim ban went too far, but we have yet to see a similar statement regarding the other executive orders.  Despite the attacks against our immigrant community, Cory Gardner has been silent. As our elected official, silence is unacceptable.

Cory Gardner’s immigrant constituents are holding him accountable to stand up, to denounce the executive orders and to support policies that protect immigrants, like the BRIDGE Act. In the face of destructive orders that attack our community, silence is unacceptable.

Adrian Nava, a COPA member with undocumented relatives, fights for the protection of all immigrants. “I urge Senator Gardner to take a hard and thoughtful look at the people he represents. My community votes, we organize, and we are involved in our legislative and political processes. Silence from my Senator is not what my family and I need – we need Senator Gardner to take action against the blatant racism and discrimination that has taken place over the last week, and to support bipartisan legislation that will move Colorado forward.”

COPA’s members stand up to divisive orders and organize to protect our immigrant community. We will fight for justice and for a Colorado where our elected officials fight for their citizens. We will not stand by and allow Cory Gardner’s complicit silence.


Colorado People’s Alliance (COPA) is a racial justice, member-driven organization dedicated to advancing and winning progressive social change locally, statewide and nationally. COPA builds power to improve the lives of all Coloradans through leadership development, organizing and alliance building.






Febrero 1, 2017

Contacto: Lizeth Chacon, (720) 938-6588


Estimado Cory Gardner, silencio es inaceptable

DENVER, CO- Los miembros de la Alianza del Pueblo de Colorado (COPA) están muy preocupados acerca de la falta de comunicación de la oficina de Cory Gardner acerca de las órdenes ejecutivas que están atacando a sus constituyentes inmigrantes. Nos dio gusto ver que el Senador reconoció que la prohibición contra los refugiados y musulmanes fue más allá de lo apropiado, pero aún no hemos visto alguna comunicación similar al respecto a las otras órdenes ejecutivas. A pesar de estos ataques hacia nuestra comunidad, Cory Gardner ha callado. Como nuestro funcionario electo, el silencio es inaceptable.

Los inmigrantes quienes son votantes de Gardner le están pidiendo que denuncie las órdenes ejecutivas y que apoye políticas que protejan a los inmigrantes, como la ley BRIDGE. En la presencia de ordenes destructivas que ataquen nuestra comunidad, el silencio es inaceptable.

Adrian Nava, un miembro de COPA que tiene familiares indocumentados, lucha por la protección de todos los inmigrantes. “Le ruego a Senador Gardner que tome una seria y reflexiva mirada a la gente que representa. Mi comunidad vota, organizamos y estamos involucrados en nuestros procesos legislativos y políticos. Mi familia y yo no necesitamos el silencio de mi Senador—necesitamos que Senador Garnder tome acción en contra del racismo descarado y la discriminación que ha pasado en esta semana y apoyar legislación bipartita que mueve adelante Colorado.”

Los miembros de COPA resisten ordenes divisivas y organizan para proteger a nuestra comunidad de inmigrantes. Lucharemos por justicia y por un Colorado donde nuestros funcionarios electos luchen por sus ciudadanos. No nos quedaremos sin actuar ni aceptaremos el silencio cómplice de Cory Gardner.


Colorado People’s Alliance (COPA) is a racial justice, member-driven organization dedicated to advancing and winning progressive social change locally, statewide and nationally. COPA builds power to improve the lives of all Coloradans through leadership development, organizing and alliance building.