PRESS RELEASE: Senate Passage Sends Local Wage Option to the Governor’s Desk


May 3, 2019

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Senate Passage Sends Local Wage Option to the Governor’s Desk

Will put power back into the hands of local officials who know their communities best


DENVER – Today local officials, business owners and workers celebrated the passage of the Local Wage Option bill (HB 1210) and that the final bill is on its way to the Governor’s desk for signature. The bill would restore local control for city and county officials in adjusting their own minimum wage.


The following statements may be attributed each advocate as noted:


Lizeth Chacon, Executive Director of Colorado People’s Alliance

“Hardworking Coloradans should be able to live and thrive in the communities where they work. Voters across the political spectrum support local control and this bill will allow cities and counties to decide a local minimum wage that makes sense for them. Working families are grateful it has passed in the Colorado legislature and are looking forward to the Governor signing the bill.”


Deven Shaff, Broomfield City Council Ward 3

“Over the years Broomfield has seen the cost of living raise while the wages, especially minimum wage, has not increased at the same pace. Local elected officials want to ensure that our residents and economy can prosper and this local wage option bill will offer Broomfield another tool to ensure our economy works for the entire community. As local elected officials continue to work with local employers, employees and community members on this issue, we can determine a minimum wage that will let our residents cover housing, food and other costs in Broomfield. A local minimum wage option enables us to further this conversation.”


Paolo Solorzano, Worker

“Everyone knows that the cost of rent has gone up much faster than wages have risen, especially in Aurora, where I live. I’m having a really hard time making my paycheck stretch far enough to afford rent and all of my basic bills like groceries and utilities. As someone who works hard every day as a server, I’m hopeful the Aurora city government will take up what the most appropriate minimum wage should be given how expensive it is to live here.”


Whitney Painter, owner of Buglet Solar Electric and Good Business Colorado member

“Our small local business pays competitive wages so that our workers can afford basic expenses and also have some money in their pockets to spend in our local economy. A stable workforce and consumer dollars support small businesses like ours,and help our community to proper. Local elected officials are best positioned to set a minimum wage that will ensure residents not just survive but thrive.”


The Colorado People’s Alliance is a racial-justice member-led organization that works for climate, economic and immigrant justice to improve the lives of all Coloradans.



2018 Legislative Session

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The 2018 legislative session is officially over, we fought hard and accomplished a lot. This year we focused on moving forward proactive pieces of legislation that looked to getting us closer to an economy that works for all, not just the wealthy few, to protecting our immigrant and refugee community and working to put people and planet first.


HB 1368, the Local Wage Option bill to allow cities and counties the ability to raise their minimum wage at a higher level than that of the state in order to allow wages to reflect the needs in their community, successfully passed out of the House and was unfortunately killed in committee in the Senate. Check out these 2 videos we put out in support of the bill here and here. And our accountability video on the no vote here. Thank you to our partners at the Work Here, Thrive Here Coalition and special thanks to SEIU Local 105, the Colorado AFL-CIO and Good Business Colorado for throwing down with us on this important piece of legislation. Check out our blog post for more details on the campaign!


SB 108, which makes the Driver’s License program for undocumented immigrants more accessible through vital reforms, passed the Senate and House thanks to a non-partisan statewide coalition. Thank you to our partners at the I Drive Coalition for working with us on gaining this important victory for our community!


Again we had attempts from anti-immigrant legislators to pass legislation against our immigrant community. We are glad we were able to defeat their different attempts on this legislation. Check out media coverage of our organizer Ana speaking against one these hateful bills.


Our members made a lot of progress in building towards a just and equitable transition to a renewable energy economy – We want to thank Rep. Salazar and Food and Water Watch for working with us on figuring out what this type of legislation could look like. We are excited to now be leading a coalition of labor, environmental, faith and youth groups to come up with principles for a just and equitable transition. At COPA, we are committed to working to ensure that our communities, not corporations, determine and lead the change to renewable energy economy in Colorado. We will push for legislation that includes and prioritizes the needs of communities that are most directly impacted by climate change and the needs of workers.


And thank you for acting against SB 171 and asking your elected officials to vote against corporate interests and to support workers. It’s important that we’re both fighting back against attacks on worker protections as well as advancing a vision for Colorado’s economy that ensures good jobs for all.


It was a busy legislative session and we are excited about the momentum we have built around such important issues, we are ready to spend the summer and fall building to come back stronger in 2019 and pass proactive policies that will address the needs in our community.

Resumen Legislativo

La sesión legislativa del 2018 ha oficialmente terminado, hemos luchado mucho y hemos logrado mucho. Este año nos enfocamos en avanzar leyes proactivas que buscaban acercarnos a una economía que funciona para todos, no solo para los pocos super-ricos, para proteger a nuestra comunidad inmigrante y para priorizar a la gente y al planeta.


HB 1368, la propuesta de La Opción de Salario Local para permitir a las ciudades y condados aumentar su salario mínimo a un nivel más alto que el del estado para reflejar las necesidades en su comunidad, salió exitosamente de la Cámara de Representantes pero desafortunadamente murió en comité en el Senado. Echa un vistazo a estos 2 videos que publicamos para apoyar la propuesta legislativa aquí y aquí. Y nuestro video donde rendimos cuentas por los votos en contra de la legislación. Gracias a nuestros compañeros de La Coalición Trabaja Aquí, Prospera Aquí, y un agradecimiento especial a SEIU Local 105, Colorado AFL-CIO y Good Business Colorado por luchar con nosotros por esta importante propuesta legislativa. ¡Revise nuestro blog para obtener más detalles sobre la campaña!


SB 108, que hace que el programa de Licencia de conducir para inmigrantes indocumentados sea más accesible a través de reformas vitales, fue aprobado por el Senado y la Cámara de Representantes gracias a una coalición estatal no partidista. Gracias a nuestros compañeros de la Coalición Yo Manejo Colorado por colaborar con nosotros para obtener esta importante victoria para nuestra comunidad.


Una vez más tuvimos intentos de legisladores antiinmigrantes para aprobar legislación contra nuestra comunidad de inmigrantes. Estamos contentos de haber podido vencer sus diferentes intentos en esta legislación. Echa un vistazo a la cobertura de mediosde nuestra organizadora Ana hablando en contra de una de estas propuestas odiosas.


Nuestros miembros hicieron un gran progreso para avanzar hacia una transición justa y equitativa hacia una economía de energía renovable. Queremos agradecerle al Representante Salazar y a Food and Water Watch por colaborar con nosotros para descubrir cómo podría ser este tipo de legislación. Estamos entusiasmados de liderar una coalición de grupos laborales, medioambientales, religiosos y juveniles para crear los puntos para llevarnos a una transición justa y equitativa. En COPA, estamos comprometidos a trabajar para asegurarnos que nuestras comunidades, no las corporaciones, determinen y lideren el cambio a la economía de energía renovable en Colorado. Impulsaremos una legislación que incluya y priorice las necesidades de las comunidades que están más directamente afectadas por el cambio climático y las necesidades de los trabajadores.


Y gracias por actuar en contra de la propuesta SB 171 y pedirles a sus funcionarios electos que voten en contra de los intereses corporativos y que apoyen a los trabajadores. Es importante que estemos tanto luchando contra los ataques a las protecciones de los trabajadores, así como promoviendo una visión de la economía de Colorado que asegure buenos empleos para todos.


Fue una sesión legislativa muy ocupada y estamos entusiasmados con el movimiento que hemos podido movilizar respecto a asuntos tan importantes, estamos listos para pasar el verano y el otoño para volver más fuertes en 2019 y aprobar políticas proactivas que harán algo al respecto a las necesidades de nuestra comunidad.