PRESS RELEASE: Senate Passage Sends Local Wage Option to the Governor’s Desk


May 3, 2019

Contact:      Jenny Davies: 720-296-9545,

Lizeth Chacon: (720) 938-6588,


Senate Passage Sends Local Wage Option to the Governor’s Desk

Will put power back into the hands of local officials who know their communities best


DENVER – Today local officials, business owners and workers celebrated the passage of the Local Wage Option bill (HB 1210) and that the final bill is on its way to the Governor’s desk for signature. The bill would restore local control for city and county officials in adjusting their own minimum wage.


The following statements may be attributed each advocate as noted:


Lizeth Chacon, Executive Director of Colorado People’s Alliance

“Hardworking Coloradans should be able to live and thrive in the communities where they work. Voters across the political spectrum support local control and this bill will allow cities and counties to decide a local minimum wage that makes sense for them. Working families are grateful it has passed in the Colorado legislature and are looking forward to the Governor signing the bill.”


Deven Shaff, Broomfield City Council Ward 3

“Over the years Broomfield has seen the cost of living raise while the wages, especially minimum wage, has not increased at the same pace. Local elected officials want to ensure that our residents and economy can prosper and this local wage option bill will offer Broomfield another tool to ensure our economy works for the entire community. As local elected officials continue to work with local employers, employees and community members on this issue, we can determine a minimum wage that will let our residents cover housing, food and other costs in Broomfield. A local minimum wage option enables us to further this conversation.”


Paolo Solorzano, Worker

“Everyone knows that the cost of rent has gone up much faster than wages have risen, especially in Aurora, where I live. I’m having a really hard time making my paycheck stretch far enough to afford rent and all of my basic bills like groceries and utilities. As someone who works hard every day as a server, I’m hopeful the Aurora city government will take up what the most appropriate minimum wage should be given how expensive it is to live here.”


Whitney Painter, owner of Buglet Solar Electric and Good Business Colorado member

“Our small local business pays competitive wages so that our workers can afford basic expenses and also have some money in their pockets to spend in our local economy. A stable workforce and consumer dollars support small businesses like ours,and help our community to proper. Local elected officials are best positioned to set a minimum wage that will ensure residents not just survive but thrive.”


The Colorado People’s Alliance is a racial-justice member-led organization that works for climate, economic and immigrant justice to improve the lives of all Coloradans.



PRESS ADVISORY: Colorado Congressional Delegation: Vote Your Values on the Budget

*Continúa en Espanol*


Contact: Ana Rodriguez,, 720-255-3921


Colorado Congressional Delegation: Vote Your Values on the Budget

No more money for family separation, detentions, and human rights abuses


Denver, CO- Colorado People’s Alliance issued the following response as more details emerge about the Congressional deal to fund DHS and Trump’s border wall:


The Trump administration is successfully holding the nation hostage once again for his border wall and his mass deportation force. We urge the Colorado Congressional delegation to reject this manufactured crisis that tries to pit federal workers against immigrants. We urge the Colorado Congressional delegation to reject a budget that gives over a billion dollars for fencing, and increases funding for ICE to detain thousands more every single day.

“This is money that will be used to push the anti-immigrant agenda even further. This is money that will separate families,” COPA member Eduardo Gomez says. “As a DACA recipient, and as an undocumented immigrant, it is important to me that those who are seeking asylum are treated with respect and dignity and that ICE is not able to expand its deportation force to detain and deport more people like me or my family.”

This administration has proven that they will stop at nothing to steal money from other agencies to fund a border wall and to increase detentions and deportations. ICE and CBP have also proven that they will do nothing to stop the human rights abuses happening in detention prisons and along the border. If our Colorado Congressional delegation stands with immigrants and rejects human rights abuses, we urge them to vote against a budget that will fund more family separation through detentions and deportations, and human rights abuses.


Colorado People’s Alliance (COPA) is a racial justice, member-driven organization dedicated to advancing and winning progressive social change locally, statewide and nationally. COPA builds power to improve the lives of all Coloradans through leadership development, organizing and alliance building.


Contacto: Ana Rodriguez,, 720-255-3921

Delegación del Congreso de Colorado: Vote Sus Valores en el Presupuesto

No más dinero para la separación familiar, las detenciones y los abusos contra los derechos humanos

Denver, CO- La Alianza del Pueblo (COPA, por sus siglas en inglés) emitió la siguiente respuesta mientras surgen más detalles sobre el acuerdo del Congreso para financiar la agencia Departamento de Seguridad Nacional (DHS, por sus siglas en inglés) y el muro fronterizo de Trump:


La administración de Trump una vez más está reteniendo a la nación como rehén por su muro fronterizo y su fuerza de deportación masiva. Instamos a la delegación del Congreso de Colorado a rechazar esta crisis manufacturada que intenta poner a los trabajadores federales contra los inmigrantes. Instamos a la delegación del Congreso de Colorado a rechazar un presupuesto que otorgue más de mil millones de dólares para la una barrera physica, y ​​aumente los fondos para que ICE detenga a miles más cada día.

“Este es dinero que se utilizará para seguir implementando una agenda anti-inmigrante. Este es dinero que separará a las familias, ” dice miembro de COPA, Eduardo Gómez. “Como beneficiario de DACA y como inmigrante indocumentado, es importante para mí que los que solicitan asilo sean tratados con respeto y dignidad y que ICE no pueda ampliar su fuerza de deportación para detener y deportar a más personas como yo o como mi familia.”

Esta administración ha demostrado que no se detendrán ante nada para robar dinero de otras agencias para financiar un muro fronterizo y aumentar las detenciones y deportaciones. ICE y CBP también han demostrado que no harán nada para detener los abusos contra los derechos humanos que ocurren en las cárceles de detención y en la frontera. Si nuestra delegación del Congreso de Colorado apoya a los inmigrantes y rechaza los abusos contra los derechos humanos, les instamos a que voten en contra de un presupuesto que financie la separación de más familias a través de detenciones y deportaciones tanto como abusos contra los derechos humanos.


Colorado People’s Alliance (COPA) is a racial justice, member-driven organization dedicated to advancing and winning progressive social change locally, statewide and nationally. COPA builds power to improve the lives of all Coloradans through leadership development, organizing and alliance building.


2018 Legislative Session

*seguido en español*

The 2018 legislative session is officially over, we fought hard and accomplished a lot. This year we focused on moving forward proactive pieces of legislation that looked to getting us closer to an economy that works for all, not just the wealthy few, to protecting our immigrant and refugee community and working to put people and planet first.


HB 1368, the Local Wage Option bill to allow cities and counties the ability to raise their minimum wage at a higher level than that of the state in order to allow wages to reflect the needs in their community, successfully passed out of the House and was unfortunately killed in committee in the Senate. Check out these 2 videos we put out in support of the bill here and here. And our accountability video on the no vote here. Thank you to our partners at the Work Here, Thrive Here Coalition and special thanks to SEIU Local 105, the Colorado AFL-CIO and Good Business Colorado for throwing down with us on this important piece of legislation. Check out our blog post for more details on the campaign!


SB 108, which makes the Driver’s License program for undocumented immigrants more accessible through vital reforms, passed the Senate and House thanks to a non-partisan statewide coalition. Thank you to our partners at the I Drive Coalition for working with us on gaining this important victory for our community!


Again we had attempts from anti-immigrant legislators to pass legislation against our immigrant community. We are glad we were able to defeat their different attempts on this legislation. Check out media coverage of our organizer Ana speaking against one these hateful bills.


Our members made a lot of progress in building towards a just and equitable transition to a renewable energy economy – We want to thank Rep. Salazar and Food and Water Watch for working with us on figuring out what this type of legislation could look like. We are excited to now be leading a coalition of labor, environmental, faith and youth groups to come up with principles for a just and equitable transition. At COPA, we are committed to working to ensure that our communities, not corporations, determine and lead the change to renewable energy economy in Colorado. We will push for legislation that includes and prioritizes the needs of communities that are most directly impacted by climate change and the needs of workers.


And thank you for acting against SB 171 and asking your elected officials to vote against corporate interests and to support workers. It’s important that we’re both fighting back against attacks on worker protections as well as advancing a vision for Colorado’s economy that ensures good jobs for all.


It was a busy legislative session and we are excited about the momentum we have built around such important issues, we are ready to spend the summer and fall building to come back stronger in 2019 and pass proactive policies that will address the needs in our community.

Resumen Legislativo

La sesión legislativa del 2018 ha oficialmente terminado, hemos luchado mucho y hemos logrado mucho. Este año nos enfocamos en avanzar leyes proactivas que buscaban acercarnos a una economía que funciona para todos, no solo para los pocos super-ricos, para proteger a nuestra comunidad inmigrante y para priorizar a la gente y al planeta.


HB 1368, la propuesta de La Opción de Salario Local para permitir a las ciudades y condados aumentar su salario mínimo a un nivel más alto que el del estado para reflejar las necesidades en su comunidad, salió exitosamente de la Cámara de Representantes pero desafortunadamente murió en comité en el Senado. Echa un vistazo a estos 2 videos que publicamos para apoyar la propuesta legislativa aquí y aquí. Y nuestro video donde rendimos cuentas por los votos en contra de la legislación. Gracias a nuestros compañeros de La Coalición Trabaja Aquí, Prospera Aquí, y un agradecimiento especial a SEIU Local 105, Colorado AFL-CIO y Good Business Colorado por luchar con nosotros por esta importante propuesta legislativa. ¡Revise nuestro blog para obtener más detalles sobre la campaña!


SB 108, que hace que el programa de Licencia de conducir para inmigrantes indocumentados sea más accesible a través de reformas vitales, fue aprobado por el Senado y la Cámara de Representantes gracias a una coalición estatal no partidista. Gracias a nuestros compañeros de la Coalición Yo Manejo Colorado por colaborar con nosotros para obtener esta importante victoria para nuestra comunidad.


Una vez más tuvimos intentos de legisladores antiinmigrantes para aprobar legislación contra nuestra comunidad de inmigrantes. Estamos contentos de haber podido vencer sus diferentes intentos en esta legislación. Echa un vistazo a la cobertura de mediosde nuestra organizadora Ana hablando en contra de una de estas propuestas odiosas.


Nuestros miembros hicieron un gran progreso para avanzar hacia una transición justa y equitativa hacia una economía de energía renovable. Queremos agradecerle al Representante Salazar y a Food and Water Watch por colaborar con nosotros para descubrir cómo podría ser este tipo de legislación. Estamos entusiasmados de liderar una coalición de grupos laborales, medioambientales, religiosos y juveniles para crear los puntos para llevarnos a una transición justa y equitativa. En COPA, estamos comprometidos a trabajar para asegurarnos que nuestras comunidades, no las corporaciones, determinen y lideren el cambio a la economía de energía renovable en Colorado. Impulsaremos una legislación que incluya y priorice las necesidades de las comunidades que están más directamente afectadas por el cambio climático y las necesidades de los trabajadores.


Y gracias por actuar en contra de la propuesta SB 171 y pedirles a sus funcionarios electos que voten en contra de los intereses corporativos y que apoyen a los trabajadores. Es importante que estemos tanto luchando contra los ataques a las protecciones de los trabajadores, así como promoviendo una visión de la economía de Colorado que asegure buenos empleos para todos.


Fue una sesión legislativa muy ocupada y estamos entusiasmados con el movimiento que hemos podido movilizar respecto a asuntos tan importantes, estamos listos para pasar el verano y el otoño para volver más fuertes en 2019 y aprobar políticas proactivas que harán algo al respecto a las necesidades de nuestra comunidad.

Undocumented Youth Respond to Partisan Attempt to Derail DREAM Act

Denver, CO- Senate Republicans met with President Donald Trump today and have allegedly reached an agreement not to address the crisis created by the elimination of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Colorado People’s Alliance (COPA) and its members condemn this latest attack on immigrant families that seems to come from the white supremacist playbook.

“Our leaders need to understand that immigrant youth should not spend another day in limbo. Today’s GOP meeting with Trump did not produce clear outlines of a deal to protect young undocumented immigrants like myself, some who will begin losing protections in March,” said Alejandro Flores, a COPA member.

Congress has until December 8, 2017 to pass a fix before going to recess. “Waiting until next year is unacceptable. We are already facing a crisis thanks to this administration and undocumented young people like me are already at risk,” said Ana Rodriguez, community organizer with COPA. “Congress needs to stop playing games with our lives and pass a clean DREAM Act Now!”



*Seguido en español*

Join us–Take Action for the DREAM Act!

We want to thank Coffman for his work and urge him to be a leader in getting his colleague Scott Tipton to sign the discharge petition. We will do a coordinated action outside Coffman’s Aurora office on Thursday the 5th from 4-5pm. We will have families with someone who has DACA share their story and why they need a clean DREAM act at a “Speak Out” outside the office. Families will also deliver letters to Coffman imploring him to take action!

Meet us outside at Coffman’s Aurora Office: 3300 S Parker Rd, Aurora, CO 80014

Thursday, October 5th, 4-5pm

Questions? Contact Ana at 720-722-4272.


Additional Ways to Take Action:

Help us put pressure on our Congressional representatives to pass a clean DREAM Act. We will be pressuring Congressman Scott Tipton and Congressman Ken Buck who have yet to take a stance in support of Dreamers – we need them to co-sponsor & sign the discharge petition (the discharge petition will force a vote on the DREAM Act by taking it directly to the house floor) in support of the Dream Act.

You can call Congressman Tipton at (202) 225-4761 and Congressman Buck at (202) 225-4676

You can say this:

“My name is (_____) I am a supporter of Dreamers and I want to urge you to support the Dream Act. I also want to ask you to sign the discharge petition on the Dream Act, we are waiting for you to stand in support of Dreamers, will you sign the discharge petition so we can pass the Dream Act?”

You can also use social media: Tweet us @COPAPower when you’ve tweeted @RepTipton and @RepBuck urging them to support the Dream Act and to sign the Discharge petition.


¡Únase con nosotros!–Toma Acción para la Ley del Sueño (DREAM Act)!

Queremos agradecer Coffman por su trabajo y urgirle ser un líder en mover su colega Scott Tipton firmar la petición de descarga. Haremos una acción coordinada afuera de la oficina de Coffman en Aurora el jueves, 5 de octubre a las 4-5pm. Algunas familias impactada por DACA compartirán sus historias y porque necesitan una ley del sueno limpia. Familias también darán cartas a Coffman urgiendo que toma acción!  

Nos une afuera de la oficina de Coffman en Aurora: 3300 S Parker Rd, Aurora, CO 80014

El jueves, 5 de octubre, 4-5pm

Preguntas? Contacta a Ana a 720-722-4272.


Otras maneras de tomar acción:

Ayúdenos a presionar al Congreso para que apruebe una ley del Sueño limpia. Vamos a aumentar la presión sobre el congresista Scott Tipton y el congresista Ken Buck quienes aún no han co-patrocinados el proyecto de ley ni firmado la petición que obligaría un voto sobre la Ley del Sueño.

Puede llamar al congresista Scott Tipton a (202) 225-4761 y al congresista Buck a (202) 225-4676

Puede decir eso:

“Mi nombre es (_____). Yo apoyo los DREAMERS y quiero urgirle apoyar la Ley del Sueno. También quiero pedirle firmar la petición de descarga por la ley del sueño, estamos esperando por su apoyo de los Dreamers. Firmará la petición para que podemos aprobar la Ley del Sueño?”


También puede usar la media social: Mandenos un tweet @COPAPower cuando haya mandado un tweet @RepTipton y @RepBuck urgiendoles a apoyar la Ley del Sueño y firmar la petición.


Trump Administration attempts to intimidate ‘Safe Cities’






*Continua en Español*

For Immediate Release 

Press contact:

Ana Rodriguez 832-567-8323,

Jennifer Piper 720-301-1858,

Trump Administration attempts to intimidate ‘Safe Cities’

CO Rapid Response Network calls on Congress to support localities, restrict ICE’s funding

Colorado (September 29, 2017) This week, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) reports detaining almost 500 undocumented immigrants, supposedly targeting people in jurisdictions with policies that limit collaboration between ICE and local law enforcement. The Colorado Rapid Response Network condemned the actions and the rhetoric.

“These raids are a disturbing attempt to intimidate cities who are protecting constitutional rights and standing up for their immigrant community members,” said Ana Rodriguez of Colorado People’s Alliance. “’This is clearly a political move by ICE meant to bully cities who have taken steps to protect immigrants from federal overreach and ICE abuses. We will continue to stand for what’s best for Denver as a whole.”

The raids took place in cities and counties across the U.S., including in Denver, where 63 people were arrested. “These operations are business as usual for the Trump Administration’s immigration enforcement agency. ”  said Jennifer Piper, Director of Interfaith Organizing at the American Friends Service Committee. “In Denver and across the country, local immigrant and citizen communities stand strong with our elected officials who have created Safe Cities where everyone can contribute to the health of our cities. We demand Congress create a path to citizenship and reign in wasteful and destructive spending increases for ICE.”

“The Administration’s rhetoric attempts to divide the immigrant movement by criminalizing entire groups of people and behaving as though they do not deserve due process or human dignity,” said Carla Castedo of Mi Familia Vota. “But we’re not buying it. ICE was already routinely targeting Denver and the surrounding metro areas even before the city passed its public safety policy, they were just doing it without fanfare. Our city is safest when all members of the community trust local law enforcement, when local governments do not engage in immigration policy enforcement, and that’s what the Denver policy ensures. If you see ICE enforcement, call our hotline immediately to report it 1.844.8648341.”

Organizers are pointing to the unjust and racially discriminatory criteria that is used to decide who is a priority for deportation. Pamela Resendiz of United for a New Economy elaborated “What does gang membership even mean? A resource officer in a school or parking lot sees a teenager with a tattoo, talking to three or more young men on a corner, and that’s enough to get you in a gang database that ICE has access to. These databases are have been proven to be nothing more than racial profiling. ”

In the face of these raids, the Colorado Rapid Response Network vowed to continue their work conducting “know your rights” trainings, mobilizing rapid response networks and advocating for policy changes that limit collusion between ICE and local law enforcement.

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Para publicación inmediata

Contacto de prensa:

Ana Rodriguez 832-567-8323,

Jennifer Piper 720-301-1858,

La Administración de Trump intenta intimidar a las ‘ciudades santuarios’

La Red de Respuesta Rápida reclama al Congreso que apoye a las localidades, restrinja al presupuesto de ICE

Colorado (29 de septiembre de 2017) Esta semana, la Agencia de Inmigración y Aduanas (ICE, por sus siglas en inglés) reporta que detuvo a casi 500 inmigrantes indocumentados, supuestamente atacando a las jurisdicciones “santuarios” con políticas que limitan la colaboración entre ICE y la policía local. La Red de Respuesta Rápida de Colorado condenó las acciones y la retórica de la Administración.

“Estas incursiones representan un intento de intimidar a las ciudades que están protegiendo los derechos constitucionales de, y defendiendo a, sus miembros de la comunidad inmigrante”, dijo Ana Rodríguez, de la Alianza del Pueblo (COPA por sus siglas en inglés). “Esta es claramente una política de manipulación de parte de la Administración para intimidar a las ciudades que han tomado medidas para proteger a los inmigrantes de los abusos federales y de la ICE. Seguiremos defendiendo lo que es mejor para todos los residentes del área metropolitano”.

Las redadas ocurrieron en ciudades y condados a través de los Estados Unidos, incluso en Denver, donde reportan que arrestaron a 63 personas. “Estas operaciones no son fuera de común para la agencia de inmigración bajo la Administración Trump.”, dijo Jennifer Piper, Directora de Organizaciones Interreligiosas del American Friends Service Committee. “En Denver y en todo el país, las comunidades locales de inmigrantes y ciudadanos se mantienen firmes con nuestros funcionarios electos quien han creado una línea de separación entre Inmigración y la policía local donde todo el mundo puede contribuir a la seguridad de nuestras ciudades. Exigimos que el Congreso cree un camino hacia la ciudadanía y elimine incrementos en gastos derrochadores y destructivos para ICE. ”

“La retórica de la Administración intenta dividir al movimiento inmigrante criminalizando a grupos enteros de personas y comportándose como si no merecen el debido proceso o la dignidad humana”, dijo Carla Castedo de Mi Familia Vota. “Pero no nos engañan. ICE ya estaba rutinariamente atacando a Denver y las áreas metropolitanas circundantes, incluso antes de que la ciudad aprobara su política de seguridad pública, solo que lo hacían sin fanfarria. Nuestra ciudad es más segura cuando todos los miembros de la comunidad confían en la policía local, cuando los gobiernos locales no se involucran en la aplicación de la política de inmigración, y eso es lo que garantiza la política de Denver. Si ve una redada, llame confidencialmente a nuestra línea de respuesta rápida inmediatamente para informar de ello 1.844.8648341.”

Los organizadores señalan a los criterios injustos y racialmente discriminatorios que se utilizan para decidir quién es una prioridad para la deportación. Pamela Resendiz de Unidos por una Nueva Economía elaboró “¿Qué significa la membresía de pandillas? ¿Quién se decide quien es miembro? Un oficial de recursos en una escuela ve a un adolescente con un tatuaje, hablando con tres o más hombres jóvenes en una esquina, y eso es suficiente para conseguir que usted se encuentra en una base de datos de pandillas. Estas bases de datos se han demostrado ser nada más que el perfil racial. ”

En respuesta a estas incursiones, la Red de Respuesta Rápida de Colorado se comprometió continuar con su trabajo realizando entrenamientos de “conozca sus derechos”, movilizando redes de respuesta rápida y abogando por cambios en las políticas que limiten la colusión entre ICE y la policía local.

# # #

Meet Gerardo & Take Action!

*Adapted from our national affiliate People’s Action*

My name is Gerardo. I am a proud undocumented immigrant and a grassroots leader at Colorado People’s Alliance, where we fight for racial justice in Colorado and nationwide.

Growing up, I knew I shouldn’t tell other people about my immigration status. I thought it was shameful to be undocumented, but I didn’t quite understand why.

That changed when I turned 19.

I was pulled over one day because my license plate light was burnt out. When the officer saw that I’m Latino, he racially profiled me and questioned my right to be in the country. When he discovered that I didn’t have identification on me, he took me to jail.

I thought it would end there. But the officer decided to call Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), who took me to an immigration office nearby. That was where they began processing a deportation order, before throwing me into a detention center.

I moved to Colorado when I was nine, and all of my friends and family live here. This is my home. It’s the place where I have my hopes and dreams. Being deported to Mexico would mean I’d have nowhere to go.

Thankfully, ICE decided I was not a high priority for deportation and closed my case. I was lucky.

Then, when President Obama introduced the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, I was saved. DACA protected me from being violently incarcerated and deported.

As a DACA youth, I was able to get a job, build a career, obtain health care insurance, and create a network of friends and loved ones without fear of being taken away from them.

But now, President Trump and the GOP are threatening to eliminate DACA. There are reports that an order could come down today. There are 800,000 DACA recipients who have stories like mine. Our lives, our dreams, are on the line.

Give now to support our work to defend DREAMers!

Your gift will support us in the fight for the DREAM Act. 

Give today and make a difference!

Public Safety Enforcement Priorities Act & Executive Order Signed Today in Support of Immigrant Community / El Acta de Prioridades de Aplicación de Seguridad Pública y Orden Ejecutiva Firmada Hoy en Apoyo a la Comunidad Inmigrante

*Seguido en español*

Today Mayor Hancock signed into law the Denver Public Safety Enforcement Priorities Act and an Executive Order to further protect immigrants and refugees in our community and establish a Legal Defense Fund. We are so proud of the work community has done to make this victory happen, this is the first step for Denver, and the first step for our community in moving our city in the right direction.

We have been living under attack and we have been resisting. One of our members has been living under such fear that, before opening the door to go to work, she looks out through the windows to make sure immigration is not waiting outside to take her away from her family. She celebrated with us on Monday after the Denver City Council voted 10-0 to pass this policy, and today as Mayor Hancock signed the policy into law, along with an Executive Order to stand with immigrants and refugees. Our member now feels a bit safer, but we know that this policy is only the first step. We have to do a lot more to combat hate, white supremacy and the deportation machine that has gotten bigger since Obama left office. We will continue to fight, we will continue to resist, and, most importantly, we will continue to allow ourselves to be visionaries for what Denver and Colorado can be for our immigrant and refugee community.

We want to thank those involved in this fight, those who have been working tirelessly for months to get to this moment:

To COPA members who are directly impacted by this issue and have spent hours working on the best possible language, leading our strategy and meeting/calling City Council members to gain support for this policy- thank you for your dedication, your passion and thank you for driving and leading COPA’s work! To our allies – Together Colorado, Padres y Jóvenes Unidos, Mi Familia Vota, Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, American Friends Service Committee and the Meyer Law Office, thank you for fighting with us and we are looking forward to continuing to work with you all in the future! To our CO-Sponsors, Council Members Kniech and Lopez, thank you for working and listening to community on this important effort.

We are so glad to have worked with all of you on this first step for Denver and let’s keep fighting to make Colorado a truly welcoming state for all!

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Hoy el Alcalde Hancock firmó la ley de Denver Public Safety Enforcement Priorities Act y una Orden Ejecutiva para proteger más a los inmigrantes y refugiados en nuestra comunidad y establecer un Fondo de Defensa Legal. Estamos muy orgullosos del trabajo la comunidad ha hecho para que esta victoria suceda, este es el primer paso para Denver, el primer paso para nuestra comunidad en mover nuestra ciudad en la dirección correcta.

Hemos estado viviendo bajo ataque y hemos estado resistiendo. Uno de nuestros miembros ha estado viviendo bajo tal temor que antes de abrir la puerta para ir a trabajar, mira a través de las ventanas para asegurarse de que  inmigración no está esperando afuera para llevarla lejos de su familia. Ella celebró con nosotros el lunes después de que el consejo de ciudad de Denver votó 10-0 para pasar esta política y hoy el Alcalde Hancock firmó la política en ley junto con una orden ejecutiva para apoyar a los inmigrantes y refugiados. Nuestro miembro ahora se siente un poco más segura, pero sabemos que esta política es sólo el primer paso. Tenemos que hacer mucho más para combatir el odio, para combatir la supremacía blanca y la máquina de deportación que se ha vuelto más grande después de que Obama dejó el cargo. Seguiremos luchando, seguiremos resistiendo y, lo más importante, continuaremos permitiéndonos ser visionarios en lo que Denver y Colorado pueden ser para nuestra comunidad de inmigrantes y refugiados.

Queremos agradecer a los implicados en esta lucha, a aquellos que han estado trabajando sin descanso durante meses para llegar a este momento:
A los miembros de la COPA que están directamente afectados por esta cuestión y pasaron horas trabajando en el mejor lenguaje posible, liderando nuestra estrategia y reuniéndose / llamando a los miembros del Concejo Municipal para obtener apoyo para esta política. Gracias por su dedicación, pasión y gracias por conducir y liderar el trabajo de la COPA! A nuestros aliados – Juntos Colorado, Padres y Jóvenes Unidos, Mi Familia Vota, Colorado Coalición por los Derechos de los Inmigrantes, American Friends Service Committee y la Oficina de Leyes de Meyer gracias por luchar con nosotros y esperamos continuar trabajando con todos ustedes en el futuro ! A nuestros co-patrocinadores, miembros del consejo Kniech y López, gracias por trabajar y escuchar a la comunidad sobre este importante esfuerzo.
Estamos muy contentos de haber trabajado con todos ustedes en este primer paso para Denver y vamos a seguir luchando para hacer de Colorado un verdadero estado de bienvenida para todos!

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Press Release: Public Safety Enforcement Priority Act Overwhelmingly Passes First Test

For Immediate Release

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Contact: Corrine Rivera-Fowler – (720) 296-8389; Lizeth Chacon – (720) 938-6588

 logos for press release

Public Safety Enforcement Priority Act Overwhelmingly Passes First Test

Faith leaders, advocates for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, and immigrant rights champions call on Denver City Council to support council ordinance


August 2nd, 2017 – (Denver, CO) On a 5-1 vote, Denver City Council’s Safety, Housing,

Education & Homelessness Committee voted to pass the Public Safety Enforcement Priority Act. The ordinance is now headed to the full city council for a first reading vote on August 21, 2017. Council members Paul López, Robin Kniech, Stacie Gilmore, Paul Kashmann, and Wayne New voted in support of the ordinance, while Councilman Kevin Flynn opposed. “The people who are directly impacted by this policy have demonstrated that this policy matters to make Denver a safer city,” said Denver At-Large Councilwoman Robin Kniech, one of the ordinance’s sponsors.


The vote happened less than 24 hours after Mayor Hancock’s staff informed the Denver Post of a potential executive order aimed at protecting the immigrant community. While the Mayor’s support is welcomed by many, Kniech and Lopez’s policy creates two critical protections absent from the Mayor’s current draft: 1) all Denver city employees would be prohibited from communication and collaboration with ICE, and 2) the Denver Sheriff Department would no longer send notification information to ICE about the time and place of an individual’s release from the Denver county jail without a warrant.


“Mayor Hancock, thank you for your renewed interest in the well-being and safety of our immigrant community. Help us make Denver stronger and safer by working with us to pass this ordinance that has been crafted with leadership and input from community members,” said Corrine Rivera-Fowler of Padres y Jóvenes Unidos.


Responding to Councilman Flynn’s concerns that this proposal would create false hope, Salvador Hernandez of Mi Familia Vota responded, “False hopes is telling Denverites that weare safe and welcoming, while allowing Denver employees to continue communicating with ICE. In the last fiscal year, at least 279 undocumented Denver residents were deported as a direct result of Denver Sheriff Department’s compliance with ICE requests. This policy will defend Denver residents from ICE’s federal overreach.”


Reflección de un miembro: 100 días de acción/Member Reflection: 100 Days of Action

*In English below*

Durante los 100 días de acciones, muchos de nuestros miembros dirigieron los planes y la organización de nuestras acciones. Por esta experiencia han desarrollado sus habilidades de liderazgo mientras luchaban en contra de los ataques en nuestras comunidades. Nuestros miembros tienen mucho para compartir acerca de esta experiencia. Aquí esta uno de estas experiencias.


“¡Hola! Mi nombre es Dalila Lopez y soy miembro y voluntaria de COPA.

El 20 de enero es un día memorable porque tuvimos un nuevo presidente y cuando me entere quien era sabía que mi comunidad y muchas otras estábamos en graves problemas. Aunque algunas personas nos alentaban y consolaban dentro de mi yo sabía que las cosas malas que iban a pasar sería muy pronto. Esto es lo que me dio ánimos y energía para participar aunque saliera cansada y quería irme a la casa. Me dije que iría lo más posible pues estoy cansada de ser objeto de bullying político.

Estos 100 días fueron muy importantes porque combatimos cada ataque y mostramos nuestro descontento y además hicimos responsables al presidente, representantes y congresistas por el bienestar de las personas que dicen respaldar incluyendo a los.inmigrantes.

Lo que más me gustó fue cada acción completada, las alianzas que hicimos y conocer miembros y staff nuevos. Además he aprendido mucho de todos. Mis días más favoritos fue la conferencia de la Acción del Pueblo en Washington DC y la acción frente a la casa blanca–ser parte de ese montón que hizo la diferencia ese día!

Aprendí que necesitamos hacer compromisos para hacer alianzas, planear, y ayudar.  Y mantenerse en contacto toma tiempo y dedicación. Y que tienes que levantar tu voz literalmente para ser escuchado! y que hay que animarnos unos a otros para seguir adelante! además ser genuina es más fácil que tratar de ser diferente.

Los que me mantuvo inspirada fueron: mi historia y la de muchos que hicieron noticia, el futuro de mi familia y mis amigas y amigos inmigrantes. Esta última acción en contra de Coors es la más memorable. Me sorprendió tanto apoyo de los trabajadores organizados y ver cuanta gente dispuesta a ayudar!

¡Y la lucha sigue! No termina con los 100 días de acción pues hay muchas batallas que pelear con más esfuerzo y estrategia. Es muy importante seguir participando, ayudando en lo que pueda, invitando a personas a participar y como leí “¡Tú puedes hacer más de lo que crees!” ¡Nos vemos en el camino!”

Over the course of our 100 Days of Actions, many of our members led the planning and organizing of our actions. Through this experience they built on their leadership skills as they fought back against the attacks on our communities. All of our members have stories to share about this experience. Here is one of those experiences.

Photo Apr 25, 11 54 12 AM

“Hello! My name is Dalila Lopez and I am a member and volunteer with COPA.

January 20th, is a memorable day because of our new president and I knew that with this person my community and many others would have serious problems. Although people tried to encourage and console us, I knew inside that many bad things would happen soon. This gave me encouragement and energy to participate [in the 100 Days of Action] even though I leave tired and wanting to go home. I told myself I would go as much as possible as I was tired of being bullied by politics.

These 100 days were very important as we combated every attack and showed our discontent. Additionally, we held our president, representatives, and congressman accountable for the well being of the people they represent, such as immigrants.

I liked most was every action we completed, the alliances we built, and getting to know members and new staff. Additionally, I learned a lot. My favorite days were at the People’s Action conference in Washington DC and the action in front of the White House—to be a part of a large group that made a difference!

I learned that we need to make compromises in order to make alliances, plan, and help. And to keep in contact requires a lot of time and dedication. And you literally need to raise your voice to be heard! And that we need to encourage one another in order to continue forward! Additionally, it is easier to be genuine than to be different.

Many things kept me inspired: my story and the stories of many others, the future of my family, and of my immigrant friends. The last action against Coors was the most memorable. I was surprised by the huge support from organized workers and to see so many people available to help!

¡The struggle continues! We do not stop with the 100 days of action, there are many more battles to fight with even more strength and strategy. It is important to continue participating, helping where you can, inviting others to participate and like I read, “You can do more than you think!” I’ll see you around!”